14 Surefire Ways to Know You Are Completely Doing Social Media Wrong at Your Dealership

Not sure you’re doing social right? With seven years’ experience as the director of social media at Harry Robinson Buick GMC, Cathy Nesbit knows what differentiates good social media efforts from bad. Here are her 14 telltale signs you’re doing it wrong.

1. You’re just wingin’ it.

2. You think it’s an awesome idea to share only OEM content.

3. Great customer service and asking for reviews is only for “online stores.”

4. You tried starting a video series, it just didn’t catch on.

5. There’s never time to serve your community.

6. You wonder why automotive pros waste their time on social media.

7. Responding to reviews and messages is someone else’s job.

8. Being on video is the worst thing ever.

9. Not only do you not use Facebook advertising—you think it’s stupid.

10. You still wonder how you keep seeing ads for something you were just shopping for.

11. Avoiding coworkers is your superpower. They’ll either want to hang out or ask for help.

12. How to do a giveaway is a mystery to you.

13. Copying the dealer next door is the best idea you’ve come up with.

14. You’re still waiting for a lot up.

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