Which 2017 Holiday Commercial Makes You Want to Buy a Car?

‘Tis the season to sell cars. OEMs annually spend a hefty marketing budget on television commercials, hoping to draw in shoppers.

Whether or not they do, the ads can be entertaining to watch.

We chose a few as samples that are getting some heavy air and online time. Dozens are probably left out that you’ve viewed, but which one of these is your favorite out of the bunch?

Let us know in the comments below!


Let’s start with Audi. This is definitely taking the humor approach. Two guys driving Audis are dealing with the frustration lots of us face: trying to find a space in a jammed parking lot during holiday season shopping. They’re competing for that last space with serious frustration. But this conundrum sure looks like a lot more fun in a high-performance sedan!


Next up is Kia, with a Trans-Siberian Orchestra soundtrack and all. The setting is a Kia dealership that is lit up like one of those houses you might find in your neighborhood, where the home owner goes over the top with the light show, like it’s a casino performance in Vegas.


Mercedes-Benz is more about pulling at your heartstrings, albeit in a comedic way. Sometimes kids experience disappointment during Christmas, not getting exactly what they were hoping for. The same can go for adults. But not always!


Toyota really plays up the emotional Christmas card with this one, and lays it on thick. The theme is the importance of the holidays to generations of families, and a Toyota truck plays a big part in making it happen for one. Get the tissues out!


Lexus goes the humor route as well. A boy is doing a full-on dance around a bowed-up Lexus, akin to the “Gangnam Style” video. Hey, lots of kids think cars are really cool. But then we find out something else is going on. Regardless, who wouldn’t be dancing around like a maniac if they surprisingly found a new Lexus in the garage?

Let Us Know What You Think

Let Us Know What You Think