5 Fun Car Commercials of Christmases Past and Present (That Don’t Feature a Huge Red Bow)

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If your neighbor who put up Christmas lights on November 12 and Christmas songs playing on the radio the past six weeks haven’t put you in the holiday spirit yet, maybe these sweet little car commercials of Christmases past and present will!

We applaud these guys for not featuring shiny new wheels wrapped in a big bow in the driveway. Because really, how many people get that lucky?

2010 Pomplamoose “Jingle Bells” Hyundai Holidays

Warning: First you’ll think it’s cute, then you’ll want to watch it over and over again. Highly addictive!

(If you can’t get enough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syJCTJCFyE8)

2018 Audi “New Santa”

If you’ve ever wanted to see Santa get a makeover …

2015 Volkswagen “Polo Christmas Tree”

Hold on tight!

2014 “Papa Noel” Audi Navidad

A little bit of Christmas magic.

2017 “Future Traditions” Mercedes-Benz

Is Mr. Hamilton a nod to science fiction writer Edmond Hamilton?

BONUS: VW’s 1964 Commercial “Snow Plow”

It won an award at Cannes that year!

From everyone at Modern Dealership, Happy Holidays! We’ll see you in 2019!

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