5 Reasons Why People Will Always Love (And Buy) Cars

Ride-sharing services are about to eclipse the coolness of owning a car. Sha, right! Never. Here are five reasons why owning a car will always be dope …

1. Freedom

There’s something immensely pleasurable about knowing that you can hop in your car and go wherever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want. Bring your sweetie and your dog and head to the lake for some night swimming at 2 a.m. Get lost driving on a country road, looking at the stars. It’s always all up to you.

2. Privacy

You just put in 10 hours at work and aren’t in the mood for chatting it up with anybody, least of all an Uber driver. Nothing like hands on the wheel for a little driving meditation to decompress on the way home.

3. Road Trips

Sometimes the easiest, cheapest way to get somewhere is to drive. And the funnest! Plus, you always have a place to crash.

4. Gadgets

It’s your man cave or she shed on wheels. Gussy it up all you like, with an essential-oil diffuser, bumper stickers (please don’t), phone mounts and chargers, this WonderGel Support Cushion, skull tire caps … the possibilities are endless!

5. Joyrides

Sunday drives, driving for pleasure—whatever you want to call it. Zone out to your favorite tunes, or just listen to wheels on pavement, sightsee, roll the windows down, discover new paths, visit old paths, find an open stretch of road and floor it …

What’s a reason why you will always own a car?

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Let Us Know What You Think