Change is good. Change is scary. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Change or die. A lot has been said about change, but one thing is for certain: It’ll happen. The question is, how to approach a world, an industry, a business that’s always changing? We think head-on is a good start.

So we asked hundreds of dealership employees to tell us the one thing that they’d change at their place of employment if they could. It was an open-ended question with a wide variety of answers!

While a few responded that they’d improve the music, trade out the coffee for better beans, or bring in “more guitar-playing bears,” overall many of the same answers kept coming up:

Tech upgrade

Most mentioned the CRM specifically, but on overall upgrade to digital and tech was a popular answer.

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Evaluate the staff and processes

We received a lot of answers from managers who are looking for an easy way to ensure that the staff is efficient and effective, and that the dealership’s processes are working.

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Increase training

Many said that frequent training is a requirement for staff to function at their best.

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Interior improvements

Could be new furniture, a fresh coat of paint, or better curtains, but many employees would start with updating the cosmetics of the store.

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Kinda makes you smile, doesn’t it?

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What would you change? Add it to the comments below.

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