Every day, more millennials are immersing themselves in their careers, and there are several reasons you should be looking to fill positions at your dealership with this generation of professionals.  While millennials may have erroneously been saddled with bad reputations when it comes to their work habits, there are numerous advantages to hiring them—and ensuring you retain them—in your workforce.  In addition to the fact that they are tech-savvy and able to quickly adapt to the latest tools and trends implemented in your dealership, they’re also able to relate to younger shoppers.  On top of that, they are dedicated workers who want to find jobs where they can have increasing responsibility and make a difference.

Reaching and retaining millennial professionals will help your dealership succeed as a new generation of consumers shops for and purchases vehicles.  By bringing these pros into your dealership, you’ll ensure you reach more shoppers in a variety of ways:

Reaching Millennial Consumers

Millennial consumers are expected to account for 40% of all new-vehicle buyers by 2020. With this in mind, it’s likely millennial customers will gravitate toward and listen to your millennial sales pros.  Because of their closeness in age and ability to relate to each other and share technology, your millennial staff members will be able to make connections and earn the trust of millennial customers more easily.

Adopting Trends & Technology

Millennial employees will lead the charge when it comes to encouraging others to give new tools and tech a chance throughout the dealership.  85% of millennials now own a smartphone, and they rely on apps more than any other generation.  This alone reveals the mobile and tech-savvy nature of millennials.  You can leverage their knowledge and enthusiasm, and others throughout the dealership will follow suit and utilize valuable tools to boost interaction with customers.

Millennial Dedication & Drive

Millennial professionals are driven to perform and do their best in careers where they feel they are valued and where they can make a difference.  Expected to account for 75% of the workforce by 2025, this group of professionals is full of innovators who want employers to maximize their skills.  Dealerships that lean into their drive and create opportunities that allow them to grow in their careers will reap the most from these young professionals.

Many dealerships are falling into the employee turnover trap by dragging their feet and delaying change, but as more millennials join their professional ranks, it will be important to take a closer look at ways they can meet in the middle and offer the flexibility young professionals are looking for in their careers.

Dealerships that welcome millennials, leverage their unique talents, and lean into the energy they bring to the workforce will be able to create stronger relationships with today’s consumers and get ahead of the competition.  By looking for the strengths this generation brings to your dealership and by being a proponent of their work, you’ll not only maintain your top talent, you’ll gain loyal employees who will work hard to ensure your dealership succeeds.