5 Ways to Become A Thought Leader

Thought Leader


… if viewers aren’t drawn in by the way your post looks, they won’t read it. And if they won’t read it, they sure won’t share it. The amount of work that goes into your dealership’s content creation shouldn’t be wasted, and that’s why thoughtfully designing it is imperative to boosting your readership and expanding your reach.

Getting content and design to work together in harmony isn’t hard, but it takes a knowledge of what consumers look for when site browsing. “If you’re not putting relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist,” says serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk.

Strong design of your content grabs consumer attention, provides an overview of your post, makes for an easy read, and brings the message to life. Here are five ways to better position your dealership as an industry leader with you content and design.

Strong design of your content grabs consumer attention.

1. Use Subheads

Like it or not, many of your readers aren’t going to read your writing word for word. An effective technique to grab the attention of your audience is to use subheads. Subheads capture attention and then keep readers engaged throughout your article. They can feel like a mini-headline, preparing the reader for what lies ahead in the next section, while also ensuring your content remains organized throughout. Make sure your subheads are intriguing but not over-exaggerated. You wouldn’t want to lose credibility by using a phrase that sounds good but doesn’t convey the theme or idea of the next section.

2. Make Lists

Lists work for readers because they mesh well with the natural way our brain works. Everyone has two sides of the brain, and each part is responsible for controlling a specific way of thinking. The “left brain” is analytical and prefers a step-by-step approach (i.e., lists), while the “right brain” prefers to see the overview first and process details later.

Many social media users want to know exactly what they’re in for, and lists cater specifically to that need. In addition, describing a blog or article in narrative form to someone who hasn’t read it is not always the easiest. Lists are much easier to remember and discuss, and because of this, they will be shared more often.

3. Add highly relevant links

Your content must include external links if you use other sources in your writing. That alone demonstrates that you’ve researched the topic and want to credit other experts. But if your dealership really wants to promote its own content, internal links will keep people reading your original material. Internal links lead back to your own site and help expand readers’ understanding of topics you cover.

4. Strategically Format

Using various formatting tools can add emphasis to your content. Be wary of liberally formatting everything, as this would be the same as not formatting at all. Instead, strategically emphasize the key points so the reader can quickly pick them out. Formatting includes bolding, underlining, italicizing, and capitalizing. With effective formatting, readers should be able to grab a few main points with one quick glance and decide if you’re providing the kind of content they want to read.

5. Include an image (or video) in every post

BrightLocal found that 60 percent of consumers are more willing to consider local search results that include images, and 23 percent are more likely to contact a business showcasing an image. Even if you don’t choose the right picture, images spark curiosity among readers — enough to make them read the article.

A visual symbol of your content will give readers a more dynamic preview of your post rather than simply using a plain-text update. Images are more likely to stick with your readers, and using them is important in establishing your brand as a content marketing leader. Videos are also popular, but be sure to keep them short and interesting.

“If you’re not putting relevant content in relevant places, you don’t exist. – Gary Vaynerchuk, Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, and Vaynermedia CEO

Dealerships have an opportunity to build brand loyalty and engage consumers on a deeper level through the thoughtful design of their content. Knowing how to design content will help gain the attention of their market and engage readers, turning prospective buyers into customers.

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