7 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Vehicle Walk-Around Videos Viral-Worthy (Well, Almost)

Putting just a little extra effort into your sales videos can make all the difference to your audience, which can make all the difference for your sales numbers. Below are seven easy ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of your walk-around videos. And if you haven’t started creating sales videos for your customers yet, use these tips as a starting point and you’ll see great results.

1. Make the first few seconds count.

Did you know that most viewers decide whether or not to continue watching a video within the first 5 seconds? Make a good impression by getting right into the juicy stuff!

2. Improve the lighting.

Shoot outdoors on a day with at least some cloud coverage or in early morning/late afternoon light. (Direct sunlight creates harsh shadows.)

3. Keep it short.

A lot of people look at the length of the video to decide if they’ll dedicate time for watching it. Try to keep it under a minute for best results. This is a good length for avoiding spam filters too.

4. Clean the car, inside and out.

This makes a big difference. Plenty of shoppers will turn away if they see dirt.

5. Write a script.

You might think you’re great at winging-it (and maybe you are!), but at least until you get the hang of it, prepare what you’re going to say. That way, you won’t leave anything out.

6. Give it your own personal touch.

Are you funny? Fact-based? Friendly? Find ways to show your personality in your videos. This is how your customers connected with you in the first place and they’ll enjoy seeing that come through in your videos.

7. Create a CTA.

Give your customers a call-to-action so they know what to do next if they want to buy the car today.

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Let Us Know What You Think