Artificial Intelligence Is Your Car-Selling Reality

Artificial Intelligence

If you’ve ever been on a car dealership’s website, communicated with someone there via a chat application, or swapped texts or emails – and felt you happened to be talking to a physical person – there is a good chance you actually weren’t.

That doesn’t mean you were duped.

What it displays is the astounding progress that we have made in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and what an excellent customer experience it can create.

Through Conversica’s conversational AI platform, we are now able to facilitate online discussions with potential customers, and actually understand the nuances of people’s preferences while doing so. And despite the potential purchaser of a vehicle feeling like there’s just a friendly human on the other end, they are in reality speaking to an AI agent.

Let’s say, for example, that the AI Assistant being used is named “Rachel.” Rachel might just be a dealership’s most reliable employee. She is polite, persistent and engaging. She connects with more people and does so in a highly consistent manner. For example, a dealership might, on average, try to reach a client two or three times, but “Rachel” will make up to eight attempts in a very human way. She will ask them the best way to get in touch. She will introduce the salesperson. She will ask the client to let her know if they would rather not have any more communication from a dealership. These are important because you have to engage before you can start the sales process. So now, instead of salespeople burning through leads, you have an automated tool to actually get in contact with people, engage with people, and get them into the sales funnel.

Many dealerships are under the impression that their CRM already does this work. That’s a common misconception. But this is well beyond a templated email. Just because a campaign can be set up in a CRM does not mean it can create truly human-like two-way conversations that engage prospective customers and put them at ease. Moreover when you look at a CRM, it sends out a lot of emails, and those emails half the time don’t make it into the inbox. At Conversica we adhere to all the spam rules to automatically keep you compliant. You won’t find pictures or hyperlinks, and our communication goes through as a regular email.

Every single one of your potential customers receives all the personal attention they need.

And like any good employee, the AI Assistant works with and takes advantage of the tools you already use, such as AutoAlert. The great thing about using Conversica with a partner like AutoAlert is that the latter does a lot of the heavy lifting, going through all of the data points in the DMS records and providing a list of who needs to be sent an alert, or who can trade out their vehicle easily. When you combine that with the power of a smart, polite and persistent AI Assistant, we now see miraculous success because you are hitting someone at the right time, with the right offer, and the entire process is automated.

The intent here is not to trick people. Instead, it is to ensure that every single one of your potential customers receives all the personal attention they need to have a great experience and engage with your dealership. In fact the experience is so good that we have come across situations when people try to find “Rachel” at the dealership, or have had competitors even try to poach her. The AI Assistant gives the customer a very personal, warm, engaging experience and makes sure they don’t drop through the cracks when humans are left to do this task, due to forgetfulness or inability to follow up with as much frequency because of outside circumstances.

And not only does AI do a better and more consistent job in this instance, it also cuts out a lot of the costs that a dealership might incur if employees were assigned to do it. The cost of “Rachel” is less for the dealership than the cost of hiring one human who, by the way, also needs to take breaks, gets sick, requires benefits, and probably doesn’t enjoy following up on Internet leads in the first place.

So with AI, everybody wins, both the dealership and the customer. AI is not only an effective and efficient way to connect with a customer, it also improves a dealership’s bottom line.

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