We Asked: When Is a Green Pea No Longer a Green Pea?

There’s a lot to learn when you’re new to selling cars, and it can be hard to be the green pea of the bunch. So just when does a green pea ripen and mature?

1. Never!

Most of you said … never! The goal is to keep that fresh perspective, to always be open to learning, to stay excited and hungry. This is what will guarantee your success as you move forward.

2. Once You Know the Process

Others were more focused on the experience gained through time and effort: The next most popular answer was you’re no longer green once you completely understand the process of selling a car, from start to finish.

3. Numbers

The third most popular answer came down to numbers. You lose the green once you regularly sell between 10 and 12 cars a month.

4. Time

The next most popular answer came down to time. Once you’ve been selling cars for six months or more, you’re no longer a green pea.

5. Name Drop

Rounding out the top five was “When a customer comes in and asks for you by name” (your mom doesn’t count).

Other answers included once you’re confident, after you’ve sold even just one car … and as soon as the new green pea shows up.

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Let Us Know What You Think