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Author: Arnold Tijerina

The Wonderful World of NADA – After Hours

The annual NADA convention (recently rebranded as the NADA Show) is the largest automotive dealer conference in existence, seeing more than 20,000 attendees every year. It’s an excellent conference for just about anything an attendee wants to accomplish. There are many educational sessions for dealers, and with hundreds of vendors present, they can touch base with their current vendors and learn their latest offerings, and explore new ones for solutions they’re seeking, or don’t even know exist. Technology changes frequently. I’m always discovering new and innovative solutions for dealers every time I attend a NADA Show. But enough of...

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The Door to Success Is Waiting: You Just Need to Find the Key

Like many people who share this sentiment, I needed a job and saw an ad offering a monthly guarantee to sell cars. I had always been a good salesperson, so I figured I’d give it a shot. After I was hired, I was promptly given a crash course in how to work a foursquare and … to stand. Once I got the hang of standing outside with five other guys, I had to master the art of calling “ups” (referring to the prospective buyer) and learning other automobile sales terminology and slang. The next challenge was taking the other...

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