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Author: Brian Huth

Dealership Marketing: Back to the Future, or the Jetsons?

In 1886, a phone book printer ran out of white paper for the local businesses and used yellow paper instead, creating the all-new business section. This gave customers business information at their fingertips and allowed them to shop from full-page advertisements for products and services. Business owners quickly responded by spending their advertising dollars on this direct-marketing tool. Twelve years later, an automotive ad in a local newspaper promoted ditching the horse for a car, and then came home radios and televisions. So for most of the 1900s, dealers spent their advertising dollars on print, radio, and television ads....

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If It Moves, Measure It – Then Get Results!

Most dealership owners and their managers have been exposed to quality improvement systems from either their manufacturer or third-party providers. Trying to implement these processes and getting everyone’s buy-ins can seem overwhelming. For dealers with more than one dealership/franchise to oversee, getting results that meet your expectations on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis can a very cumbersome task. Here’s a couple of questions you must explore: Do you really want to know what happened in your store(s) yesterday? What should you expect when you implement a process improvement system? Be prepared to be disappointed when you initially review your true data...

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