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Author: Cathy Nesbit

Reaching Generation Z: The Next Wave of Car-Buyers

I’ve been in research heaven discovering what defines Generation Z, learning which social media strategies influence this “generation next,” and what science says about how they buy. For the most part, all generations are made up of 16 personalities, so to say a generation is defined by this personality trait or that one is junk. No generation is the “collaboration generation” or the “feelings generation.” Just because people are put in collaborative situations and told that extroversion is more desirable doesn’t mean that all of them enjoy it one bit. And as for feelings, there have always been those...

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Joining the Data Love Train

There are two kinds of data people – those who love it and those who mostly ignore it. I’m on the “data love train.” I absolutely love it. In some respects, it’s kind of like a superpower, wanting to know everything, and having a desire to use the power of data for good. I urge you to join the ride. We’ve all had a conversation with someone who conjured data to make themselves sound smarter. Fortunately, there’s only a small sector who manufacture data. Now that data influences most of our lives, we’ve moved past the “impressions” phase of...

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14 Surefire Ways to Know You Are Completely Doing Social Media Wrong at Your Dealership

Not sure you’re doing social right? With seven years’ experience as the director of social media at Harry Robinson Buick GMC, Cathy Nesbit knows what differentiates good social media efforts from bad. Here are her 14 telltale signs you’re doing it wrong. 1. You’re just wingin’ it. 2. You think it’s an awesome idea to share only OEM content. 3. Great customer service and asking for reviews is only for “online stores.” 4. You tried starting a video series, it just didn’t catch on. 5. There’s never time to serve your community. 6. You wonder why automotive pros waste...

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Social @ Its Finest

About 10 years ago, social media was becoming very popular and businesses started using it as a new marketing tool. In 2009, the owner of the recording studio where I was employed at the time attended a seminar about how social media could forever change the way business is done. We were sold. We immediately started brainstorming, creating, and integrating social media into our business culture. I loved showcasing the unique personalities in the music world through social media. When the economy took down the studio, I landed in the car business, working for another forward-thinking woman who had...

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