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Author: Ian Ritter

Vegas Survival Guide

Don’t go into the NADA Show blind. Held in Las Vegas from March 22-25, you’re facing a city that has particular challenges that include transportation, a heavy amount of walking, and plenty of temptation. In this light, we have put together a few seemingly simple, yet important, keys to surviving the conference without being logistically challenged and run ragged. If you can follow some of these steps, you’ll have a better chance of more easily navigating the NADA show. Not only will you survive, but the chances are better that you’ll return home having experienced a more successful convention....

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Preparation Tips to Impress Your Boss Post-NADA Show

The NADA Show is right around the corner, and anticipation is high right now for attendees. There are busy schedules to arrange with all of the meetings and events on tap at the conference. What’s most important to think about now, though, is what you’re going to bring back from the NADA Show that will impress your boss (unless you happen to be the boss!). After all, it’s quite the expense to attend the event, when airfare, hotel accommodations and other costs are taken into account. So, you don’t want to come back to the office empty handed. With...

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Take Care of Yourself During Dealership Downtime

So, you have some downtime at the dealership. You’re taking your lunch break, no up’s are coming in, and you have exhausted your call list and Facebook updates of inventory. Meanwhile, you still need to hang around in case that “be back” returns. And let’s face it, working as a salesperson at a dealership means putting in some brutally long hours. Instead of wasting time on your private social media or on a Netflix binge, take care of some personal business that you don’t have time for after your long shift. And don’t blow your days off running errands...

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Keep Your Customers From Buying Cars Online

Modern Dealership recently reviewed “Perfect Dealership,” a book written by industry veteran Max Zanan, who wants to help dealerships not fall victim to the consumer mentality that Amazon Prime shopping is the norm. In his book, as well as in a column he wrote for MD magazine, Zanan goes over several strategies to help combat this challenge and make the buying experience at dealerships better for customers. He also discusses how to change dealership culture to enhance the selling experience as well. We recently caught up with Zanan, and went over some of the key points he stressed in...

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Take a Dare to Sell More Cars

It’s hard for a car salesperson not to have a certain degree of angst. Ups will stroll into dealerships and act as if they’re just browsing, are put off by the social stigma attached to your profession and generally don’t even want to be under the rooftop in the first place. This is compounded by the fact that they are making a major financial decision, which makes for some pretty cynical customers. But successful salespeople are enthusiastic teachers who provide a major service to a consumer. These dealership stars are putting money in their own pockets, and have customers...

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