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Author: Ian Ritter

Build Better Consumer Relationships with the Right Vendors

The most important thing that a dealership can do is connect with the customer and build lasting relationships. It’s vital to keep that in mind when partnering with a vendor. These partnerships will reflect on your business, and influence your ability to sell cars. So, how do dealerships pick vendors that help them connect meaningfully with their consumers and ensure a strong ROI? The two issues are intrinsic. If you’re not finding the right partner, the customer will sense the disconnect, and it will impact the bottom line. Everyone knows how hard it is to choose a company to...

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Which March Madness Car Commercial Are You Rooting For?

Like nearly every year, March Madness has been full of surprises and great games. With the event comes a series of car commercials, and more are sure to pop up as the games continue through the Final Four this weekend. Everyone has their choices, or favorites, to win the tournament. Here are a few commercials that we’ve noticed getting a lot of airplay so far. What is your favorite? Buick is making an especially big marketing push through the duration of the tournament this year. This particular spot focuses on how some of its cars have Wi-Fi capabilities. It’s...

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Are Auto Shows a Good Vehicle to Sell Cars?

As the auto show season is wrapping up, we thought it’s a good time to look at these shows and point out how they impact local dealerships. Modern Dealership’s local event is the KC Auto Show, which took place in early March. Similar to others around the country, most all well-known OEMs were represented at the Kansas City Convention Center, showing off their latest models. The event was also punctuated by live music (Blue Oyster Cult appeared), classic cars on display, food trucks and areas for kids. Ryan Schwank, a Toyota product training specialist, was one of the representatives...

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Vegas Survival Guide

Don’t Go Into NADA Show Blind Held in Las Vegas from March 22-25, you’re facing a city that has particular challenges that include transportation, a heavy amount of walking, and plenty of temptation. In this light, we have put together a few seemingly simple, yet important, keys to surviving the conference without being logistically challenged and run ragged. If you can follow some of these steps, you’ll have a better chance of more easily navigating the NADA show. Not only will you survive, but the chances are better that you’ll return home having experienced a more successful convention. Don’t...

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Preparation Tips to Impress Your Boss Post-NADA Show

The NADA Show is right around the corner, and anticipation is high right now for attendees. There are busy schedules to arrange with all of the meetings and events on tap at the conference. What’s most important to think about now, though, is what you’re going to bring back from the NADA Show that will impress your boss (unless you happen to be the boss!). After all, it’s quite the expense to attend the event, when airfare, hotel accommodations and other costs are taken into account. So, you don’t want to come back to the office empty handed. With...

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