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Author: Jason Forrest

Use Technology to Run PAST your Competition

Imagine a customer strolling into your dealership, and you launch into your sales pitch. You do all of the things you were taught: establish rapport, guide the conversation, handle their objections and paint the need. You’re feeling good, until the buyer throws out a curveball. “The dealership across town offers incentives on newer models. What do you offer?” What Now? The truth is, a lot of sales pros have been taught not to worry about the competition. I can practically hear it now: “Just ignore your competition. Your product is all that matters.” The problem with this notion is...

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Believe You Hold the Keys to Selling Cars

In the halls of my company, we have several wall hangings that emphasize our values every day. On the way to our conference room, I pass one daily that best explains our core beliefs as a training company: “Beliefs have more to do with our success than our abilities.” The most important lesson I have learned since founding our company is that beliefs have the power to override everything else. Training that doesn’t address a company’s belief system is like prescribing a medicine that doesn’t cure an illness. Until we make our beliefs clear, we’ll never progress. In the...

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