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Author: Joey Little

Reframing Social Media: Reach Your Customers with a New Approach

Like all marketing efforts, when it comes to using social media for business, dealers expect to see direct results from the time, money, and energy invested. The results are there, but keep in mind that social is less about counting how many people come in after you post a sale on Facebook, and more about building relationships through creating consistent value for your customers via what you share. Using social in this way will certainly translate to an improved customer experience, which is vital for staying top-of-mind with your customers. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t ever post...

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Your NADA Show 2018 Quick-Planning Guide

If you are part of the automotive dealer industry, chances are very good that you (or someone else from your team) will be joining the more than 20,000 other attendees at NADA Show 2018 in Vegas this month. NADA itself is huge, with a whopping 90 percent of all dealers belonging to the association for the past 15 years in a row, and this is the industry’s biggest show overall. There are two main approaches to attending: Either you’re going to wing it and go wherever your feet will take you, or you’re going to spend some time planning...

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Can Social Media Serve a Purpose When Tragedy Strikes?

Social media is about connections—keeping in touch with those we care about. In business, this certainly includes our customers and employees. Although most of our posts could be categorized as “light entertainment,” sometimes the expansive reach of social provides the perfect forum to make a real difference. When Hurricane Harvey blasted Texas on August 17, it was the first major hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. since Wilma in 2005. More than 40 inches of rain fell in many areas in just four days as Harvey slowly meandered across the state, causing catastrophic flooding. Hundreds of thousands of...

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In The Box with Mike Marcotte

(Note to readers: Our complete interview with Mike Marcotte will be included in the January 2018 issue of Modern Dealership.) At 33, Mike Marcotte may seem to be on the young side for running a dealership, but considering he got started in the business at age 14 and worked in all but two positions (“I never worked in tech or parts, but I still want to learn!”) before being named president, his age is just about right. Read on to see how Mike is continuing the legacy started by his grandfather at Marcotte Ford more than 50 years ago....

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Frenemies: Conquering Your Love-Hate Relationship with Data

Big data is too overwhelming. It’s too complicated, too confusing, too time-consuming, and too expensive. If you’ve ever made any of these statements—or heard someone at your dealership say something similar—you’re not alone. Many see data as a frenemy, both a friend and an enemy. And that’s because they’ve been told they need to utilize the insights they can glean from data, yet they’re not sure how to use data to help their businesses or help consumers find what they’re looking for in the marketplace. While businesses are looking to boost their bottom lines by delivering precisely what shoppers...

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