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Author: MD Team

Serving Up a Win-Win: Make Your Customers #1 to Be #1

When it comes to car sales, the game is changing—fast. That’s not bad news, says Lexus Santa Monica General Manager and former beach volleyball pro Matt Unger. His key to surviving and thriving in a challenging marketplace? “It’s still all about relationships,” Unger says. “To continue to make customers happy in the car world, it’s a great feeling.” That great feeling has translated into decade after decade of success at Lexus Santa Monica. The dealership is one of LAcarGUY’s 10 award- winning dealerships, serving the Los Angeles area since 1964. Unger got his start at the dealership as a...

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The Changing Appearance of Customer Service

Your Service Drive Must Evolve to Keep Up with Today’s Shoppers With the technology and smart systems that are available today, progressive dealerships are moving away from a reactive customer experience and adopting a more predictive way of thinking when it comes to the service drive. Dealerships are starting to recognize the importance of showing their customers what a comprehensive customer care program looks like by being able to recognize and respond to individual needs more efficiently than ever. Data tools are now available to offer valuable insights, and with all service drive employees on board and trained to...

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U.S. Auto Sales on the Rise for the First Time in 2017

International Nameplate Dealers Report September Sales Figures Alexandria, VA (October 4) – The American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) today released September sales figures for the international nameplate auto industry. Brands sold by America’s 9,600 international nameplate franchises accounted for more than half, 55.7 percent, of all new vehicles sold in the United States in September. AutoData Corp. reports that the seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) for September soared to 18.57 million units – the highest since July 2015 – versus 17.72 million units a year ago and just 16.14 million units last month. Unadjusted for business days, sales...

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Green Pea to Today: Dealer Beginnings with Mabel Peralta

Welcome to our new “Green Pea to Today” series, offering a look at how pros in the auto dealership industry got their start. Mabel Peralta, Volvo specialist at Glen Cove Volvo, is the first to share her story: I fell in love with Volvo at the age of 4. My uncle has an early 80s Volvo 240 coupe (otherwise known as a 242) and I thought it looked like a giant, awesome Lego piece and smelled like crayons (true story, all old Volvos smell like crayons). My dad was a Ford mechanic but always loved Volvos, so you could...

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Consumer Profiling Can Help Your Dealership Gain Customers

When it comes to consumer profiling, as well as suggestive or smart marketing, several companies are paving the way and providing tactics that can benefit dealerships. For instance, we’ve all seen how Amazon automatically offers a purchasing suggestion based on browsing history and what other customers have viewed and purchased. This is smart marketing at its nest. Without waiting to bother customers post-purchase via email or requiring them to go back to the website to make a separate purchase, Amazon nonchalantly provides suggestions while customers are in the process of purchasing. Even though there is an endless amount of...

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