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Author: MD Team

Crush Your Goals: A Connected Team Will Thrive No ratings yet.

Today’s consumers rule the world—and forward-thinking businesses are up to the challenge of capturing their attention.  Empowered, educated shoppers continually push for progress and innovation, and they make no secret of the high expectations they’ve set.  If your dealership is going to earn their business, you’ll need to show them you’re connected, innovative, and attentive.  You’ll catch their eye with streamlined communication and collaboration processes that highlight your commitment to providing an excellent customer experience.  Engage your entire team and get noticed for being a dealership where action and collaboration turn into sales and satisfied customers.   Rate This...

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Build a Brand That Stands the Test of Time No ratings yet.

Some brands simply stand out.  You know the ones.  Whether it’s a giant red target, a sleek apple, or a bright orange swish, there are some brands you instantly recognize.  Same thing goes for cars.  Whether a brand is based on rugged durability, speed, comfort, or any number of other factors, it gets recognized for the traits it’s consistently supported and conveyed to its customers.  And in a competitive market, that’s what your dealership needs to do, too. Build a Strong Foundation Although the success of major brands may sometimes look effortless, plenty of planning goes into the campaigns...

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5 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Retain Your Customers No ratings yet.

Customer retention is a big deal; in fact, it’s huge.  It costs exponentially more to find and win over new customers than it does to keep your existing customers, so it’s worth the time and effort to ensure you have a solid plan to hang on to them.  Luckily, today’s customers are pretty straight-forward.  They’re discerning, but they’re also pretty specific about what they’re looking for. There are a few things your service department can do immediately to ensure you keep your existing customers—and the good news is they’re all fairly easy to accomplish. NOW is your time, dealerships. ...

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Communicate Your Way to Better Sales No ratings yet.

Communication is a key component to your dealership’s success, whether it be with your customers, salespeople, dealership staff or anyone else who happens onto the lot. In fact, the entire premise behind great sales is communication, so it only makes sense the better your communication, the better chance you have at boosting your bottom line. Whether you’re looking at internal communication between employees or external communication to potential customers, you can greatly increase your numbers by increasing the effectiveness of the messages you deliver. The experiences you provide on a regular basis are the ones shoppers will share with...

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Four Ways to Empower Your Employees No ratings yet.

Employee empowerment is no longer an option. Today’s top talent is on the lookout for careers where they will have more responsibility, decision-making ability and control over their work environments. When you empower your employees, they become even more responsible, hard-working contributors to your dealership. By giving your employees power to make decisions and tools to help drive them forward, you’re showing them they are appreciated and trusted, and you’re also building positive relationships that inspire them to readily take on increased roles of responsibility. Here are four vital steps to remember as you make a concerted effort to...

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