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Author: Paula Tompkins

60 Seconds to Increased Revenue

According to a Google Automotive Shopper Study, 46 percent of consumers visit a dealership’s website after watching video content. In another study by Google, 70 percent of people who use YouTube as part of their car-buying process are influenced by what they watch. Are you connecting with the next generation of car buyers? By 2020, 40 percent of car-buying customers are expected to be millennials. Customers of all ages, though, are using the Internet to do extensive research on their cars, and many are making the decision to buy before ever stepping foot into a showroom and test driving...

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Why Not Sunday for Service?

For decades there have been laws preventing car sales on Sundays. Some dealerships see it as antiquated; others embrace it. But, forget the car sales part of the equation and consider, even if limited hours, opening the service bays on Sunday even if you legally have to keep the showroom closed. Essentially, it could be your most profitable day of the week. Chris Miller, President of Recall Masters, recently touted the benefits in a Digital Dealer article. One dealership saw 80 percent of the jobs coming in on Sunday needing maintenance work, such as quick service. “This immediately increases...

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Do Customer Reviews Matter for Your Dealership?

Our culture expects buying experiences to be tailored to individual needs and seamless. If they aren’t, or if they go beyond our expectations, customers are apt to tell others. Google and Facebook make reviewing a business easy and, with the prevalence of social media, every individual is now entitled to share his or her voice with the masses. Scary? For sure. In a customer service survey, 95 percent of respondents who had a bad experience shared it with someone as opposed to 87 percent who shared their good experience. While the percentage difference doesn’t seem to be much, over...

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4 Ways To Reach Millennials And Their Parents

In 2014, millennials became the largest generation in the United States, surpassing baby boomers, according to several sources. At 25 percent of the population, millennials are poised to be 40 percent of the vehicle purchasers in 2020. But marketing to them has proven to be challenging. The traditional tactics don’t work anymore, and the new strategies seem to leave the older generation of vehicle purchasers in the dust. How do you compromise? The good news is that you don’t. Baby boomers are active on social media and are just as connected as millennials. 82.3 percent of baby boomers reportedly belong to at...

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Do Women Trust Your Dealership?

Let’s start off with some statistics on women and their dealership experience: 50 percent are dissatisfied with the car they end up purchasing 77 percent feel they need to bring a male with them to the dealership They spend $500 more on their vehicle compared to men What are you doing to gain the trust of women — who make up 85 percent of those purchasing new vehicles either for themselves or their household? Both online and in person, there are changes big and small a dealership can make to cater to women and make them feel more comfortable...

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