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Author: Paula Tompkins

Do Women Trust Your Dealership?

Let’s start off with some statistics on women and their dealership experience: 50 percent are dissatisfied with the car they end up purchasing 77 percent feel they need to bring a male with them to the dealership They spend $500 more on their vehicle compared to men What are you doing to gain the trust of women — who make up 85 percent of those purchasing new vehicles either for themselves or their household? Both online and in person, there are changes big and small a dealership can make to cater to women and make them feel more comfortable...

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What Is the Dealership Customer Up to Before They Visit Your Lot?

The average car buyer visits an average of 1.2 dealerships, which is down from 1.6 in 2014, say news reports. In 2004, the average was a whopping five dealers. Since the average car buyer now steps foot into one or two dealerships, if an interested buyer enters your dealership, there’s a good chance they already plan on buying from you. The sales process now begins long before the customer even steps near the door of a dealership. Here is what you can expect before they step through your door: The Digital Dealership Customers are exploring dealerships differently. Granted, they no longer...

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The Customer Is Always Right, and It Can Help or Hurt You

For decade after decade, the saying “The customer is always right” has been used by countless businesses. And while it has been used for the purpose of customer service, I think it’s time to start looking at it from brand perception. From a quick Google search, I found two reviews of the same dealership: “I would not recommend this service department. They are either liars, incompetent, or both.” (The customer then explains the issue.) “I have been to a lot of dealers and by far this is the best one ever. The people are friendly and the technicians are...

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