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Author: Rex Weaver

Technology: When Slow Is Fast, and Fast Is Slow

When service-to-sales first started, it involved little more than a tablet and actually seemed to go pretty well. The vehicle arrived, and after greeting the customer and scanning the VIN, the appointment popped up on the tablet and showed the existing customer. It went downhill from there. As we scrolled through the series of screens and continued the walk-around on the vehicle, all the way up to the point where the client signed the tablet and was escorted to the lounge, it was a pretty great experience. But to a service advisor, the process just took more time. True,...

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The Consumer Marketplace: Why You Should Be Afraid, and Why You Shouldn’t

Consumers today have more choices in services and products than ever before, and yet they seem more dissatisfied. They have greater access to information, but this data seems to make the process even – not less – complicated than when choices were limited. The reason for this? We’ve shifted from a transactional economy to an experiential economy. There are three entities involved in a transaction – the service provider, the market, and the client. Previously, value was determined by the service provider and the market, and the client was left completely out of the transaction. The individual wasn’t “in”...

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The User-Defined Service Experience

In past years, the creation of value and the roles customers and dealership employees played in a typical service experience were very distinct and separated.  The cost of products and services was determined by the market.  The price of an oil change was based on market pricing, and the value of the service was determined by competition.  If your price was higher than the next guy, then your business suffered. Now, access to information has become so ubiquitous that everyone can shop a price from their smartphone in a matter of moments.  These days, the determination of value has...

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