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Author: Rebecca Fischer

Is Market Pricing Hurting the Industry?

Market pricing has been a hot topic in the industry lately, with some saying it’s done nothing but create problems for dealers and impede business, while others claim it’s natural, and that companies need to adapt. Here, two of our automotive insiders take a side and argue its point. Rick Ricart, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ricart Automotive Group, will argue “yes,” market pricing is detrimental, while Eric Miltsch, Co-Founder of Dealer Teamwork, takes the “no” side. The “Yes” Side By Rick Ricart The choices dealers make to remain profitable while market pricing takes hold has created...

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How’s the Service in Your Service Drive?

Tips for Taking the Customer Experience to Another Level Better-tasting coffee. More comfortable chairs. Bigger TVs. You’ll find them in service-drive waiting rooms for one reason: to make the experience better for customers. Nobody (or pretty close to nobody) wants to take their car in for service. However, there is a lot that dealerships do in between the time the customer arrives, and leaves with his car to make the experience if not enjoyable, then at least positive. Beyond fixing what needs to be fixed at a reasonable price – and offering local coffee and chairs with lumbar support...

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Arcades? Dog Parks? Unique Ways Dealerships Are Turning Waiting Into Fun

“The waiting is the hardest part.” – Tom Petty You’d think with all the practice we’ve had, all of us would have mastered waiting by now. Instead, as a society we seem to be focused on reducing any and all waiting to as little as feasibly possible. With online shopping, we expect to have just about anything we want delivered within a couple of days, at the longest. Lines, even at the DMV, are practically archaic. Hailing a ride shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Like all businesses, dealerships recognize the importance of reducing waiting time to improve the...

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Women in Automotive: Is Gender Disparity Hurting Car Dealerships?

The numbers show that gender disparity is big in automotive. In 2016, multinational professional services firm EY (formerly Ernst & Young) chose to focus on the automotive industry in its gender disparity report because this sector showed “the most insufficient diversity of thought and experience,” at 38 percent, followed by oil and gas at 44 percent, and power & utilities at 52 percent. The report includes but is not exclusive to dealerships. With big changes on the radar for dealerships, how important is it to eliminate or at least greatly reduce this disparity? Randy Miller, co-author of the EY...

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