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Author: Rebecca Fischer

Say What? 4 ‘Zones’ for Quickly Reading a Customer’s Body Language

Data mining has taken knowing the customer to a whole other level, and it’s certainly something that every dealership needs in order to be successful today. Of course, gathering info on customers is nothing new—it’s just that way back before computers it was done through conversation. No matter where your data comes from, being able to read a customer’s physical signals is another method of info-gathering that can help your sales go from good to great. Whatever their demographics and online behavior, when customers are standing right in front of you, it’s often what they’re not saying that can...

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5 Reasons Why People Will Always Love (And Buy) Cars

Ride-sharing services are about to eclipse the coolness of owning a car. Sha, right! Never. Here are five reasons why owning a car will always be dope … 1. Freedom There’s something immensely pleasurable about knowing that you can hop in your car and go wherever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want. Bring your sweetie and your dog and head to the lake for some night swimming at 2 a.m. Get lost driving on a country road, looking at the stars. It’s always all up to you. 2. Privacy You just put in 10 hours at...

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We Asked: When Is a Green Pea No Longer a Green Pea?

There’s a lot to learn when you’re new to selling cars, and it can be hard to be the green pea of the bunch. So just when does a green pea ripen and mature? 1. Never! Most of you said … never! The goal is to keep that fresh perspective, to always be open to learning, to stay excited and hungry. This is what will guarantee your success as you move forward. 2. Once You Know the Process Others were more focused on the experience gained through time and effort: The next most popular answer was you’re no longer...

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