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Author: Rebecca Fischer

Process vs. Direct Message: The 2 Basic Types of Employee Communication Every Dealership Needs

Our rules of communication are changing just as quickly as our tools of communication are. Caller I.D. has been replaced with an outright refusal to answer a call from anyone other than those who are already in our contacts. Responding to texts is seen as a common courtesy, but most of us have “ghosted” someone – shut down all communication immediately and for no apparent reason (or at least, no reason that will be communicated to that person). When it comes to work, the lines around our communication tools need to be clearly drawn so that tasks can be...

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Using Analytics to Power Creativity

3 Pro Tips for Optimizing Your Marketing With more tools available for gathering data than ever before, the world of marketing has opened up and is fast becoming the most exciting aspect of running a business. There’s so much to know about the consumer, and technology gives much of this info to us in real time. Clearly this is exciting for the numbers nerds among us (left-brainers), but according to VistaDash President Dan Moore, it’s just as exciting for the creative-types (right-brainers). “Analytics doesn’t take away from creativity,” he says. “It gives creativity a roadmap.” Moore is left-brain dominant...

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‘I Wish I’d Spent More Time Waiting Today,’ Said No One Ever

How to Reduce Wait Time for Your Car-Buying Customers Red lights, flight delays, long lines, and other things that cause us to wait are (just about) tolerable when they serve an obvious practical purpose – like keeping us safe from oncoming traffic – but what about when they don’t? Waiting is certainly an expected part of the car-buying process. Nobody thinks they’re going to buy a car on their lunchbreak. But with the right technology and processes in place at your dealership, much of that waiting can now be eliminated, making the overall time spent by your customers at...

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In The Box with Kristina Acord

Modern Dealership’s Interview with Kristina Acord, Business Development & Marketing Manager of Berge Auto Group, Scottsdale, Ariz. Starting as a part-time receptionist in high school, Kristina Acord had no intention of staying in the car dealership business. Find out why she later left a career with Budweiser for a dealership opportunity, and what drives her to succeed. 1. Berge Auto Group has a couple of Lexus stores, a couple of Toyota stores, as well as Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Volkswagen. With all of those choices, what do you drive? I drive a Lexus – I’ve owned a couple of them...

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