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Author: Rebecca Fischer

Women in Automotive: Making Way for Female Sales Consultants

It’s widely known in the industry that just 19 percent of employees at car dealerships are women, with most of them in lower-earning support positions, according to NADA numbers from last year. Of those who are in sales, 90 percent leave within 12 months. It’s not uncommon to find imbalances between women and men in different careers; for example, 93 percent of dental assistants are women, as are 60 percent of pharmacists, and 36 percent of lawyers, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. What this article addresses is, why aren’t more women working and staying in car sales...

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Green Pea to Today: Finding the Work She Loves: Melissa’s Story

Melissa Skinner discovered that car sales is actually what she loves most after entering the business as a single mom skeptical of sales people. Her passion has grown through learning from some of the best in the industry.    I was a single mom working two-plus jobs, week to week. My pastor talked me into car sales, actually. Lol. I was blessed that my two pastors and one of their dads were stellar, standup, rock star sales people/managers who had seen something in me! When I first was asked, I said, “Car sales? I hate salespeople.” Lmao. “Reassure me that I...

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In The Box with Kristina Coverdell

(Note to readers: Our complete interview with Kristina Coverdell will be included in the May 2018 issue of Modern Dealership.) Celebrating her 25th birthday next month, Kristina Coverdell has already discovered her key to success: balance. OK, and probably also her love for Volkswagen! Here, she shares tips for selling more cars “by the book” as well as via getting creative with social and dating apps. 1. How long have you been at Volkswagen of Lee’s Summit? Two years and nine months, basically my whole career [selling cars]. I was at Infinity for one month – they recruited me....

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Using Tech for High-Quality Lead Generation

A Q&A with BDC Expert Sara Shabana Given our post-peak sales in 2017, and with 2018 showing no signs of an upward swing, generating quality leads has become more critical than ever for the health and profitability of dealerships. Here, BDC Builder Founder Sara Shabana shares tips on some of the ways that dealers can capitalize on quality lead generation through CRM best practices, as well as what’s to come from an industry perspective. From your BDC perspective, what are the missed opportunities dealers are facing in this current sales climate when it comes to their CRM? Dealers are...

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