What Big Game Commercial Do You Think Will Sell the Most Cars?

As always, the OEMs went big on commercials during yesterday’s Super Bowl.

It’s hard to go small, considering that a 30-second spot cost advertisers $5 million, according to AdAge.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles made an especially big splash, with five commercials alone boosting Jeep and Ram brands. Not to be outdone, Toyota ran two 60-second spots and one 30-second ad. (Meanwhile Audi, which has had a presence in previous years, was absent from Super Bowl LII.)

Below is a sampling of what aired on one of the most-watched days of television in the United States. Which one do you think will end up leading to the strongest car sales? Or tell us the one you liked best.

We’re going to start out with Kia. Promoting its Stinger model, the sporty vehicle faces Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler as its test driver out in the desert. He goes in reverse, as does time. “Dream On” indeed.

We can never deny the power of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words. But were they well placed for a Ram commercial? Some thought it wasn’t a great choice as a sales tool, but do you think it was an effective and positive message?

Hyundai promoted its Kona SUV with this amusing commercial. We’ve all seen our favorite sports teams get called unfairly by the refs. But this was a situation when one might not be too upset about the outcome, especially when your kid’s soccer game is inconveniently scheduled.

Toyota put some emphasis on its sponsorship of the Winter Olympics, which is starting in a few days. Its message was unity through sports during a time when there is plenty of disagreement. And they managed to put a spin of humor on it.

OK, so this isn’t a car commercial, but we had to add it for its reference to selling vehicles – or anything for that matter – during the Super Bowl. Stranger Things actor David Harbour pokes fun at the clichés we see in all sorts of advertisements. But we bet he could probably pull off actually selling a car!

Which ad was your favorite?

Let Us Know What You Think

Let Us Know What You Think