Boost Employee Engagement to Drive Dealership Success

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The level of employee engagement at your dealership can define the entire mood for both customers and staff; in fact, it can make or break the success of your business. Employee disengagement has become an epidemic across the country, with nearly 70% of U.S. workers reported as being disengaged at their jobs.  The great news for dealerships, however, is that there are a number of innovative ways to involve employees and boost their engagement, leading to a happier, more productive, and involved staff.

Engaged and Disengaged Employees

Disengaged employees feel disconnected from their work, resulting in decreased productivity, both for themselves and for those who work around them. Engaged employees, however, are much more likely to stay committed to their employers and remain focused on their goals, as well as on dealership objectives as a whole. It’s vital to your dealership’s performance that you achieve and maintain a healthy level of employee engagement and continue to assess employee needs, shaping your dealership culture to be an inviting place for talented industry professionals.

While employee engagement has been a topic of focus—and even concern—for U.S. companies for quite some time, the latest numbers are promising.  With over 34% of workers confirming they feel engaged in their workplaces, this statistic is at its highest since 2011, a sign that companies across the country are focused on the details today’s professionals find important in their careers.

While the dealership setting is unique in a variety of ways, there are several things you can do to offer the appealing, modern perks that pull in and retain today’s top talent.  From flex time to comfortable break rooms to gourmet coffee, companies everywhere are getting creative with the perks they offer—and job seekers are paying attention.  Keep in mind as you build a foundation of engaged employees that a paycheck isn’t necessarily the deciding factor when it comes to employee engagement, so be sure to think outside the box when you’re thinking of the perks and rewards you can offer to boost morale and increase engagement.  While financial rewards can be fulfilling, things like connectivity, interaction, and being an integral part of the team go just as far.

When your employees feel they are a part of something bigger and know their input is valued, they’ll be more likely to participate and interact.  Everyone wants to feel important and appreciated, and by creating an environment that fosters teamwork and a sense of community, you’ll keep your pros engaged and happy.

Dealerships that are aware of the importance of employee engagement are finding new and unique ways to develop employee cultures that value interaction and professional fulfillment.  By ensuring employee engagement and happiness aren’t taken lightly, you’ll also be ensuring the longevity and motivation of your workforce. While it may be necessary to make small financial and time investments to develop the internal culture you’re striving for, the payoff comes when you’re able to keep your talented employees and maintain a positive work environment for everyone.  It’s costly to replace talent, and it’s worth your time and effort to find ways of ensuring every employee is engaged and satisfied at work.

Consider the following guidelines when it comes to keeping employees happy and engaged:

  1. Understand employee thought processes. Employee engagement surveys are used to gain very useful insights about the thoughts and ideas of your staff. Additionally, healthy discussions via social platforms, a safe intranet outlet, or private feedback forums are good ways of gauging what your employees are thinking about.  Encourage interaction and be sure to respond in an appropriate forum so employees know you’re taking their feedback to heart.
  1. Create a culture in the workplace. An environment where employees can thrive and feel comfortable is important for every dealership. Having an environment that fosters creativity and values employee opinions and input makes a difference in employees’ actions and satisfaction levels within the workplace. At the same time, it’s important to set transparent and easily identifiable goals so everyone feels like a part of the dealership vision.
  1. Appreciate contributions at all levels. Every team member plays an integral role in ensuring the dealership functions successfully on a day-to-day basis.  For this reason, it’s important you focus on the contributions made by each individual, no matter how big or small. Employees want to know their input is important, and when you recognize them for their hard work, they’ll feel appreciated and valued.

When you invest time and resources in building an engaged workforce, your employees will drive your dealership to perform at its best.  Work toward maintaining and enriching your culture, delivering a consistent message that conveys your brand goals, and celebrating contributions as a team; and in turn, your pros will be committed, engaged employees who are excited to deliver their best work to you every day.

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