Some brands simply stand out.  You know the ones.  Whether it’s a giant red target, a sleek apple, or a bright orange swish, there are some brands you instantly recognize.  Same thing goes for cars.  Whether a brand is based on rugged durability, speed, comfort, or any number of other factors, it gets recognized for the traits it’s consistently supported and conveyed to its customers.  And in a competitive market, that’s what your dealership needs to do, too.

Build a Strong Foundation

Although the success of major brands may sometimes look effortless, plenty of planning goes into the campaigns that capture consumer attention, present cohesive messaging across all touchpoints, and connect in meaningful ways.  It doesn’t happen by accident.  In fact, brands that deliver the best customer experiences dedicate a lot of time to getting to know their customers and learning what drives them in the marketplace.  By building strong consumer relationships, brands can learn what shoppers are looking for, and in turn, streamline their efforts and stay on track when it comes to delivering the best experiences.

Modern shoppers have changed the expectations they have for businesses.  They’ve been telling dealerships they’re looking for experiences that align with their fast-paced lifestyles, and they opt for businesses that can give them in-the-moment answers, fast service, and technology that can support them before and after buying.  The days of customers making requests and waiting a day or two for a salesperson to get back to them are gone.  Now, it’s about instant gratification, accuracy, and excellence in service.  Here are just a few of the things driving customer behavior:


Data Will Help You Deliver

Customers will naturally gravitate toward businesses that stand out as leaders and great service providers—no arm-twisting required.  To reach this point and transform your dealership into one that offers only top-notch customer care, it’s imperative to rely on intelligent data insights to gather as much relevant and meaningful shopper information as possible.  When you invest in a comprehensive data-mining platform that aggregates your best information and presents optimal, real-time opportunities, you’ll make more sales and enjoy increased customer satisfaction.

Dealerships are discovering there are hundreds of opportunities waiting for them in their own databases, and they can easily access them when they leverage the power of AutoAlert’s AlertMiner.  By tapping into critical customer information via eight distinct Alerts, dealers can pinpoint customers in the service drive who are in positions to buy.  They are able to present appealing and individualized offers to customers who are already at their dealership!  Everyone wants new customers, but why not take advantage of the leads you don’t even have to search for?  The customers in your database are car sales waiting to happen!

To reach today’s customers, it’s imperative to have the best tools, the most relevant and up-to-date data, and a team that knows the importance of building solid relationships.  With these in place, you’ll position your dealership for success and stand out in a modern, fast-paced market.