Communication is a key component to your dealership’s success, whether it be with your customers, salespeople, dealership staff or anyone else who happens onto the lot. In fact, the entire premise behind great sales is communication, so it only makes sense the better your communication, the better chance you have at boosting your bottom line.

Whether you’re looking at internal communication between employees or external communication to potential customers, you can greatly increase your numbers by increasing the effectiveness of the messages you deliver.

The experiences you provide on a regular basis are the ones shoppers will share with their families and friends—and those shared experiences are the ones that will earn you a reputation for being a great dealership to do business with.

Utilize New Technology

To foster the best environment for your customers and communicate like a pro, be sure to combine the newest tech with good, old-fashioned communication skills.  Keep the following tips in mind to help you boost your sales and ensure customers continue to return to you:

  • Focus on authenticity. No matter how advanced technology becomes, your customers still appreciate your attentiveness, so the little things like maintaining eye contact, focusing fully on the conversation rather than sharing your attention with a screen, and asking genuine questions will go a long way toward gaining trust.  When shoppers are face-to-face with you, it’s your moment to make the biggest impact possible, so be sure to build that relationship by conveying trustworthiness, confidence and likability.   You can instill even more confidence by investing in tools like AutoAlert’s Fuzecast, which lets you access on-the-lot comparisons without missing a beat.  You’ll be able to stay in the moment with your customers and utilize great technology at the same time.
  • Mirror customer actions. When you match customer actions, you are essentially focusing on their behaviors and reactions, allowing you to take stock of the things that matter to them.  Shoppers tend to develop more of a rapport with those who are similar to them—in mannerism, speech and body language—so not only can you learn a lot from mirroring your customers, you can also earn shopper trust.

This isn’t to say you need to mimic shopper mannerisms down to the last detail, but rather, stay focused on the things that make shoppers comfortable and at ease.  Take your cues from shoppers regarding how and when they utilize technology, too.  For example, if you’re working with someone who is researching on his or her smartphone while on the lot, you’ll likely get more traction when you utilize helpful tools to pull up reviews and comparisons in real time.  It’s a quick and powerful way to build a connection that can lead to a purchase.

  • Gather key customer information. It’s important to begin developing relationships with shoppers before it’s time for them to buy. By doing this, you’ll know exactly what they’re shopping for, how long they’ve been looking, and even if they’re in an equity situation with their current vehicles.  Any customer data and insights you’re able to gather will help you more seamlessly manage opportunities and interact with potential customers, allowing you to offer them exactly what they need when they need it.

Consider using One to One Intelligent Marketing solutions to help you target consumers and act based on behavioral triggers, giving you an edge when it’s time to deliver exactly the right message to the right customers.

  • Streamline in-house communication to ensure employees are always up-to-date with the latest information and customers are never left waiting. A common dealership complaint revolves around missed opportunities with in-house communication, resulting in unnecessary wait times for customers.  Everything from long hold times, extended wait times between purchasing steps, and difficulty transferring customers between departments adds up to frustration for consumers.

By investing in the most innovative platforms, like AutoAlert’s Pando, you can get everyone on the same page via their mobile phones and desktops to ensure a more satisfying customer experience.  When you let the customer know your dealership is on top of the entire transaction and has it streamlined from beginning to end, you’ll instill confidence and loyalty that will stand the test of time.

Communication plays a huge role in your dealership’s sales success. Top-notch communication will help you improve the overall customer experience, effectively share critical product information, and ultimately, create more opportunities for your team.