Consumer Profiling Can Help Your Dealership Gain Customers

When it comes to consumer profiling, as well as suggestive or smart marketing, several companies are paving the way and providing tactics that can benefit dealerships. For instance, we’ve all seen how Amazon automatically offers a purchasing suggestion based on browsing history and what other customers have viewed and purchased. This is smart marketing at its nest. Without waiting to bother customers post-purchase via email or requiring them to go back to the website to make a separate purchase, Amazon nonchalantly provides suggestions while customers are in the process of purchasing.

Even though there is an endless amount of data available to personally target and learn about each
individual, most dealerships – and companies in general – have no idea what their customers are saying, doing, or buying. The result is traditional blanket advertising, which leaves many customers falling through the cracks. Instead of personalizing messages and deals with easily accessible data, many dealerships are losing customers and opportunities.

Your dealership has access to buckets of consumer data – some of it resides right in your own DMS – and having a product that allows this data to be filtered into a 360-degree customer profile will give you the ability to target and personalize each customer. The following are what your dealership can learn about your customers.


Knowing your customers’ interaction history—if they’re visiting your site, opening your emails, taking advantage of your deals—is key to knowing what works for your dealerships. For example, it’s essential to know if shoppers are using coupons or deals sent via text more often than those sent via email. This is a great way to help you define and focus your marketing efforts. Better yet, determine which customers respond to what channel, then group their next communication accordingly.


Social tracking allows you to know exactly what consumers are saying about your dealership, your professionals, and your products. It also gives you the chance to see any mutual friendships that may exist between dealership professionals and consumers on various social media platforms. This information is beneficial in correcting and responding to negative reviews or concerns from consumers, maintaining a strong reputation, and using social connections to reach out to potential customers.


Your customers’ interests, shares, and likes on social media platforms are one of the easiest ways to figure out how to appeal to them. Using this information can also be helpful in finding out who else is in a customer’s social network with similar interests and targeting them as well.

This data allows for real-time marketing. The mass majority of consumers get in on major events that are happening right now. Most major companies interact and post in real time about major events like the Super Bowl, the Oscars, holidays, etc. This is a great way to stay connected and in the minds of your customers—while possibly influencing their buying decisions.

Buying Frequency

You already know who is buying from your dealership and the service drive, but do you track patterns and frequency? Use purchase frequency and patterns to target specific content so it reaches the right customers, with the right content, at the right time. You’ll be surprised to know that while a great discount is appreciated, what customers need even more is the timing of the offer.

These ideas are not out of the reach of your dealership. By using products such as AutoAlert’s PandoConnect, you can get to know your customers in a much more personal manner, understand their buying habits, and improve your opportunities for sales.

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