Today’s dealerships are focused on professionals who can not only sell, but also deliver the best overall customer experiences.  Because modern customers are more discerning, they demand excellence in their products, in the buying experience and from the professionals they deal with. When you build a team of knowledgeable salespeople who are in tune with customer expectations, you’ll be unstoppable when it comes to meeting consumer needs and selling cars.


Certain traits and skills stand out when you’re evaluating sales help. When you run across individuals who possess them, you want those people on your team!  You’ll differentiate yourself and be known for providing an over-the-top customer experience when your sales team is made up of individuals who have:


  1. Your best salespeople won’t give up quickly. They won’t let a lead go after the first try—or even after the fifth try.  Did you know 44% of salespeople give up after only ONE follow-up call? And average salespeople only make TWO attempts to reach each prospect.  But not your team. You’re on the lookout for standout professionals who aren’t afraid to use the tools you give them, dig into actionable customer data, and leverage their insights to get customers exactly what they need


  1. Follow-up Skills. These professionals don’t just leave messages and then forget about their leads. Instead, they meticulously keep track of those they’ve been in touch with, and they have an impeccable sense of timing. They know when to call back!  Both before and after a purchase, great follow-up skills are key in building trust and earning customer loyalty.  When your team demonstrates an eagerness to follow up with leads, they’re demonstrating a commitment to their customers and to the dealership.


  1. A Competitive Spirit. The sales profession is competitive by nature.  The people you hire need to be confident and optimistic about the jobs they’re doing, and they need to have the ambition and drive to propel them to the top.  Customers walk onto your lot hoping to find the right car at the right price—and they also want a good salesperson.  Top contenders will thrive on the excitement that’s generated by building rapport with customers, earning their trust, and closing deals.


  1. Great salespeople have a plan. They know what works—and they stick with it. Consistency is an asset across the board, but especially for your sales team, when they are consistent with logging leads and prospects into your CRM, they’ll be able to more efficiently maintain conversations with potential customers. They’ll know when they last talked to someone and be able to pick up the conversation exactly where it left off.  Consistency, especially in a competitive and crowded marketplace, shows your customers you remember them and that their needs are important to you.


  1. Outgoing and Intuitive Personalities. Great salespeople are genuinely interested in their customers and in finding the right products and services to fit their needs.  This means, even more than being great talkers, they are great listeners.  Sure, your pros must be able to approach customers, but they also need the drive it takes to build relationships with prospects, learn what they need, and follow through until they find what works.


You are building a team of professionals who will help you skyrocket your dealership to success, and that means you need to keep your eyes open for talented individuals who share the above traits.  When your team reflects all of these, you’ll know they’ll be eager to succeed, won’t give up quickly, and will demonstrate the determination it takes to push through and reach their goals.