Give Your Customers the Independence They Deserve

customers independence

It is extremely important to understand the effectiveness of online communication in today’s car-buying world. After all, every customer who is looking for a vehicle nowadays has done all of the research they need to do about that product online before they even show up on a lot.

Statistics say that, on average, a prospective vehicle purchaser will go to two dealerships, maximum, before making a transaction. You want to be the one location that makes the sale.

For example, if a customer knows all of the information about the car they want to buy before they show up on the lot, but then can’t find the actual car, that’s when physical signage is vital.

Traditional media, as opposed to online, should not be overlooked.

This can include window stickers, banners, and professional-looking CPO signage. At Wheel’s Automotive, for example, we make customized DashMaster Vehicle Info Displays that sit behind the windshield, Magic Cling Vehicle Info Displays that stick to windows, Dry Erase Mirror Tags and other customizable products that easily identify a vehicle’s specs.

I was in the dealership business for 11 years and know that a customer is usually very informed about the vehicle that they are looking for before coming to the dealership. But as a former salesperson, I am also very aware that as much as one might know about a car, they are not necessarily familiar with a dealership lot and how to find what they are looking for.

That’s why it’s important to have detailed signage directing customers to where they need to go as well as informational pamphlets on the cars corroborating their online research.

For example, body styles might not always be as recognizable as one would think with subtle to drastic modifications that might be made from year to year. Also, it’s impossible to tell if a certain vehicle is a four-cylinder model or a six-cylinder model unless you look under the hood.

One of the first steps is to make sure that when a person shows up on the lot, they are aware of what section of vehicles they need to look at. As we know in the dealership business, OEM-certified, pre-owned vehicles are the most in-demand cars that customers want. It is important to point them in the right direction with signage.

If a customer has to search too hard it opens up the potential for them to look on their phone and find another dealership, and a purchase is lost for good.

customers independence

The same goes for the identifying signage on the vehicle. The customer might think they know everything about the make and model of a particular car, and all of its features, but it’s still reassuring to see detailed info in writing with the physical vehicle. It’s also daunting for many to ask a car salesperson for help and only resort to this when they have run out of options. This is especially bothersome to those who have done their research and don’t want to hear everything they already know.

There is no way to underestimate the importance of digital communication in today’s society. Dealerships need to partner with the right vendors, such as AutoAlert, to help them connect with customers before they get to the lot.

But there is also value in assisting in your customers’ autonomy when on your lot. Presenting a well-organized, customer-centric environment at your dealership will not only evoke independence in their shopping experience but also translate into trust for your dealership.

Using a combination of digital and physical on-site promotion strategies to move vehicles off of your lot is the best way to sell more cars and make sure that reluctant buyers are comfortable making the decision to choose your dealership, again and again.

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