Green Pea to Today: It’s All About the People: Candice’s Story

See how success came for Candice Germain, director of digital media at Dan Pfeiffer Automotive, when she followed what she loved:

After my divorce, I was trying to find myself again and pick up the pieces. I took a job as a BDC rep and was introduced to Anthony Alagona, who helped me find the energy and positivity to succeed. I drank the Kool-Aid.

I also filled my head with videos from T.D. Jakes, Oprah, Brené Brown, and Tony Robbins. What I learned was that putting myself in other people’s shoes is the best way to connect with them. Therefore, I think the key is viewing anything in business from a customer’s point of view.

I truly love people and customer service and did very well in the BDC. Then one day I asked if I could sell cars, and after my first sale I was hooked for good.

I am four years into the business now and am the digital director of a three-rooftop auto group. I really am still so excited and really, truly love coming to work.

I’ve also always wanted to be an inspiration to women in dealerships. The book Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office changed my life. In this position, though, I noticed we had not only no women in sales, but no Spanish-speaking, or any diversity at all. I raised the issue that there is a very large market we were not tapping into. 

They listened, and we were able to hire a female friend of mine, Sasha, who speaks Spanish and English fluently. It was really wonderful to see it working. Soon we had the local Spanish newspaper (kind of a big deal here) stop by weekly and do a video with Sasha (a plug for our three stores!) and post it on social media. They even spotlighted our dealership with a full-page Spanish ad. 

I want women to know that if you want to be seen and heard you can be, for all the right reasons. It can be a difficult thing to navigate, but the rewards are amazing for your self-esteem and your career goals.

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