Green Pea to Today: Blazing His Own Trail: Ron’s Story

Ron Garverick learned right away that if he wanted to succeed, he’d have to take his career into his own hands.

I have been in the car business since December 2010. With no knowledge about selling cars, I sold two cars my first day. Basically I was told this is a computer, that’s a lot, and this program is called CRM. Wow, great training! But I learned that this is how they train employees in the car business.

Months later, the GM took a manager turn for me and basically told the customer to get out of his dealership after the customer asked if we would pay for the TTL. I approached the finance manager and told him if the GM was going to continue to insult his customers and run them out the door, I couldn’t work there anymore. I asked for his advice, and this is what he told me: Start closing your own deals, watch videos, read books, do something on your own to make more sales.

Then from January 2011 to December 2011, I sold 196 vehicles and was named #1 sales person in the auto group. All my sales came from the internet. A year later, I was named #1 again, selling 288 units and beating the #2 sales person by 60 units. This happened one more time, and I was asked to become a manager and teach others what I had learned on my own by watching professionals like Grant Cardone on how to overcome objections; Steve Richards on presenting numbers and overcoming the trade rebuttal; Jim Ziegler on managing; and Sean Bradley on using the internet and BDC. I had turned numbers around at the dealership by focusing on volume and gross, instead of one or the other.

I truly believe that if you have the heart and passion for something, then you can achieve anything. I live by the motto “Don’t tell me, show me” and “Every day means every day.” If it weren’t for the car business, I believe I would be homeless and broke, raising (at the time) a 7-year-old daughter on the streets. I’ve shown it’s a proven fact that you can be honest and sell cars. I hope this is good enough.

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