Green Pea to Today: Dealer Beginnings with Mabel Peralta

Welcome to our new “Green Pea to Today” series, offering a look at how pros in the auto dealership industry got their start. Mabel Peralta, Volvo specialist at Glen Cove Volvo, is the first to share her story:

I fell in love with Volvo at the age of 4. My uncle has an early 80s Volvo 240 coupe (otherwise known as a 242) and I thought it looked like a giant, awesome Lego piece and smelled like crayons (true story, all old Volvos smell like crayons). My dad was a Ford mechanic but always loved Volvos, so you could say it was in my blood.

A few years ago, I left a good corporate job to work as a marketing assistant at a local Volvo dealership. And within a few months moved up to marketing manager. But something always pulled at me, telling me I should sell cars. I never really thought I would have the ability to do so, but I do love talking to people about the product, and after some encouragement from one of my mentors and friends/family I decided to go for it.

So in May 2016, I took the giant leap into sales and haven’t looked back since. I’ve been recruited twice (both times Volvo stores), and I am currently at the number-one Volvo store in the country.

The road here hasn’t been easy. Being a woman in this industry is a double-edged sword, and more often than not if you’re strong and assertive it is viewed as a bad thing. But I take every bump in the road (whether it’s good or bad) as a learning step. And every day I am perfecting my craft and continuing to learn more. Now that I am at a store that is a well-oiled machine and encourages top customer service, I know that my true potential will be out for the world to see.

Mabel Peralta, Volvo specialist at Glen Cove Volvo

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