Happy 55th, Mustang!

There may have been earlier high-performance cars, and later models that arguably better fit the “muscle car” label, but few automobiles combined power and accessibility to become a true American icon quite like the original “pony car”. Ford rolled the first 1964 ½ model year Mustangs out 55 years ago this week, and the model has remained such an integral part of Ford’s stable as to be the only car left in its domestic roster.


Marking the ‘Stang’s 55th is the grand opening celebration of the Mustang Owner’s Museum in Concord, North Carolina held April 16-20, 2019. The event is shaping up to be a Mustang fanatic’s dream culminating with a parade attempting to break a Guinness World Record. If Mustangs are your thing and you’re nearby, the Charlotte Motor Speedway has your name written all over it this week. For those enthusiasts –even the more casual among us– who can’t be in North Carolina, here are a handful of noteworthy Mustangs past and present for your enjoyment. Happy birthday, Mustang, and congratulations to Ford for the continued popularity of one of the most essentially American cars of all time.

Photo by Joe Ross

Did you really think we’d get through an article about Mustangs without mentioning Bullitt?

You can get a new version of Steve McQueen’s iconic fastback for around $46K these days, but if you want the only one available in Kona blue, sorry- you missed your chance.

Photo by Ford Motor Company

Gail Brown notoriously bought the first Mustang sold two days before the model’s slated release, on April 15 1964, and still owns it 55 years later.

Photo by Riley

The Mustang II may not be the favorite of many enthusiasts, but it sold well in an era when smaller and more efficient was in demand. My Dad briefly owned one similar to this 1975 example, and while it was hilariously not the best ‘Stang he ever got us from point A to B in, it was fun, and didn’t catch fire every time he drove it.

Few things scream “Eighties” like a Fox platform 5.0.

It’s not a ’64-and-a-half, but it is half of a ’65…and half of a ’15. This unique split-model is on display through May 2019 at the National Inventors Hall Of Fame Museum’s Intellectual Property Power exhibition.

Catch Bob Tasca III  and his Mustang Nitro Funny car sponsored by AutoAlert at an NHRA race near you through August!

Photo by Ford Motor Company


Here’s to another 55.

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