Communication is vital for busy dealerships, but if carried out ineffectively, it will feel like trying to shove the wrong key into a lock. It simply doesn’t work.  When communication falls flat, it can cost your dealership resources, time and money.


The price of poor communication inside your dealership can be devastating. It’s frustrating to spend your work day repeating yourself, chasing job folders and wondering if specific tasks are complete. On the other hand, it’s great when the store runs like clockwork, employees can find the information they need in a centralized location, and when your customers leave on time and happy.  After all, when your customers leave satisfied, it’s much more likely they’ll return!


To get you started, here are 5 steps you can take to improve communication and collaboration, which, in turn, will make your dealership more profitable:


  1. Encourage feedback from employees. Give them plenty of opportunities to interact with various managers and share their ideas, concerns and successes.
  2. Let your team know what you’d like them to share via social platforms. It’s a great way to broaden your audience, but a good number of employees are unsure about what they’re allowed to share.  The more you communicate, the more they’ll want to share about where they work!
  3. Invest in a collaboration and communication platform to streamline and manage tasks. Make sure you find a comprehensive tool like AutoAlert’s Pando that will let you tackle even the most complex processes and seamlessly connect everyone on your team.
  4. Engage everyone by building in reward programs and facilitating messaging across departments, teams and rooftops. When every employee is involved, you’ll end up with a cohesive team that’s ready to work together to complete tasks.
  5. Be as transparent as possible with your processes and requests. By letting employees know what’s expected of them and the steps they’ll need to take, no one will be left wondering what’s next on the list.


For dealerships, ineffective communication on your team can lead to:


  • Jobs taking longer
  • Lost productivity
  • Poor customer service
  • Frustration between departments
  • Angry customers
  • Negative customer experiences


Better communication and collaboration will save your dealership money.  Whether it’s between you and your employees, or you and your customers, the more you can effectively engage, share and interact, the bigger difference you’ll be able to make in your business.