How to Wow Your Customers and Bring Them Back Every Time

There are many dealerships that know what works well for them. They’ve got a solid customer base and may even continue gaining new consumers on a regular basis, but what if you could increase your chances of bringing back current customers every single time?

It can cost businesses 7x more to get new customers than it does to sell to existing ones; so it’s key for your dealership to ensure customers feel cared for and want to come back to you for their automotive products, services, and upgrades. Guaranteeing customers come back into your dealership to do their automotive shopping helps your dealership increase profits by leveraging relationships that already exist. The footwork is done, and wowing (or maintaining) those customers should be one of your biggest, yet simplest, goals. To boost customer retention, there are a few ideas your dealership can add to its current customer experience plan for the future:

  1. First impressions. The first time a customer comes into your dealership or interacts with one of your sales representatives is your chance to really wow Customers are going to remember their first experience and often judge your dealership and decide whether they’ll come back after that first encounter. Creating a winning first impression is one of the most important and crucial steps in guaranteeing customers will keep coming back. Pay attention to your customers’ requirements and use data available to you to ensure you know exactly what they’re searching for when they greet you.
  1. Target individuals. Knowing exactly when your customers are in-market and what make and model they’re searching for puts you ahead of the game. It’s important to target your content and interactions with them in a specific, yet subtle, manner. Attach information on comparisons or deals via email that includes what they’re looking for, along with a couple other options, so customers don’t feel too targeted if they didn’t first provide you the information. In addition to directly connecting with customers regarding their interests, make sure the content reaching your audience is relevant to general shopper interests and inquiries as well.
  1. Solve problems. Your dealership becomes most valuable when you’re able to solve customers’ problems quickly, efficiently, and with the best deal available. If you’re able to perceive pain points, find ways to reach out or identify based on those pain points, and then offer solutions or products in response, you become more valuable to customers.
  1. Know who customers are. Use your technology to look up previous interactions, conversations, and transactions with your customers to pick up right where you left off. It saves your customers the hassle of having to start at square one each time they do business and makes them feel like you remember and care about their experiences. When shoppers feel welcomed and recognized by your dealership on a personal level, they will likely feel more inclined to return as repeat customers.
  1. Loyalty programs. A marketing strategy that’s created to keep customers close and build on your current relationships is a solid way to continue bringing your customers back. Loyalty programs help you recognize customers, give current customers an incentive to keep coming back, and offer your dealership the ability to let people know how important they are to you.

Impressing and bringing customers back into your dealership is beneficial, not only to your customers, but also to your business from a financial, business, and branding standpoint. To ensure customers return on a consistent basis, focus on first impressions, get personal, work to remove pain points, look up their individual histories with your dealership, and create incentive programs and campaigns to encourage them to come back. Attracting in-market consumers and new leads is always a goal, but make sure you’re not forgetting your easiest sales and the relationships you’ve already built: your existing customers.

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