Boost Sales by Showing Your Human Side

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Technology vs. Personality

Technology is a big deal—for consumers and for the businesses that cater to them—but it’s important to strike a balance between innovation and the personality your brand conveys.  Your dealership’s brand identity paints a picture for consumers, letting them know whether you’re fun or serious, daring or conservative, rugged or sophisticated.  Whatever your dealership stands for, it’s important to let your personality shine and ensure consumers know exactly what your dealership is made of.

By adding human traits to your brand personality and sharing those with consumers, you’ll be giving them a way to connect with you.  These relationships are essential when it comes to gaining trust, building loyalty, and earning positive word-of-mouth referrals.  When you find the right balance, your messages to consumers will resonate and your brand will be more compelling—leaving you with sales that are headed steadily upward.

Customer Experience Wins the Day…and the Deal

Today’s consumers want to be noticed—and they want to know you appreciate them.  They’ll be more inclined to choose your dealership when they feel valued—and a large part of the way shoppers feel about your dealership revolves around the customer experience.  In a competitive marketplace where anyone can sell similar products, consumers turn to the way businesses make them feel when it’s time to decide where to spend their money.  By taking the time to   By taking time out to interact, engage with shoppers, and share your brand personality, you’ll be showing them your dealership is the right choice.

How to Influence Shoppers

As stated by Ron Sela, “No matter how much technology advances, the triggers behind human behavior remain the same. With the right planning you can use psychology to increase conversions and improve your bottom line.”

In other words, it’s important your dealership is able to display its human side by appealing to the connections and similarities it has with consumers.  Keep psychological basics in mind as you lean into shoppers’ more emotional sides, and you’ll see positive results.  Below are seven ways to help increase your conversions by creating true connections with your shoppers:

  1. Make consumers feel included. People like to feel included and want to be part of the group. In this case, use consumers’ desire to fit in by showing how others benefit from your dealership and emphasizing those who are a part of your social networks. Highlighting satisfied car-buying customers is also a great way to appeal to other consumers and showcase what’s gained by partnering with your
  1. Utilize your newfound social connection. Once a consumer is part of your online group, network, or page, use that to your dealership’s advantage. Once a consumer has chosen to create a bond or connection with your dealership, he or she is more likely be perceptive to a request via a tweet or encouragement to continue being social with your dealership. Acknowledge your connections and make them feel welcomed and invited.
  1. Be shareable. People want to pay attention to you when they see others engaging with your content and social media platforms. This goes hand-in-hand with making consumers feel included. Lean into employee engagement and encourage social sharing and interaction on your dealership’s platforms. On average, your employees have 10 times more connections than your brand. And leads from employees convertseven times more frequently than other leads.
  1. Show a comparison. It’s human nature to compare, and when you are able to show consumers quality comparisons that highlight vehicles they are shopping, you’ll shine as an expert in the industry. You’ll be able to influence shopper reactions and choices by being the expert on hand and being ready with reliable comparison information.
  1. Point out the wins. In general, people like to win; they like to feel like they’re walking away with the best deal and the best vehicle. Let consumers know how they can “win” by going with your dealership.  Point out the benefits and perks of shopping with you, as well as any incentives, deals, and specials you may have going on that will entice shoppers who are on the lookout for great deals.
  1. Nurture your relationships. Building relationships with consumers online is a sure way to gain trust and ultimately sales. This technique may take some time but is well worth the return. People enjoy feeling noticed and knowing they’re memorable, so take the extra time to interact, use their names, look up their histories, and stay in touch.
  1. Be a leader. Many consumers trust or respond to those who exude authority. If you know an expert or well-known face, leverage that connection for endorsements or promotions to gain more influence and spark consumers’ interest.

Although modern technology is a must in today’s car-buying and selling world, a key benefit is being able to use technology to appeal to and connect with consumers.  If your dealership puts in the effort to influence shoppers and show its human side, conversions will increase and consumers will be drawn to you.

Online shoppers want to feel like they’re interacting with real people, and although a presence online and modern technology may seem counteractive to building real relationships, it actually makes connecting with your consumers easier than ever.

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