Innovation in the Service Drive: The Key to Happy Customers

It’s time to take a good, long look at your service department.  These team members are much more than parts specialists and certified technicians.  They’re also customer liaisons, relationship experts, communications professionals, and product consultants.  They’re a vital part of the customer experience at your dealership.  They’re the ones who are on the front lines when it comes to ensuring customers leave feeling satisfied—and that makes them a key part of your business.


It’s a competitive marketplace, and customers pay attention to every detail.  While waiting for their vehicles, they’re actively making decisions about recommending your dealership to friends, purchasing from you in the future, or even returning for additional service and maintenance.  Everyone in your dealership contributes to the customer experience and plays an integral role in building customer relationships.

To stand apart from the crowd, it’s important to continuously innovate.  This goes for the service drive, as well as every other department.  Innovation means being in tune with customer needs and implementing forward-thinking concepts to improve your business.  You can implement really, really big changes or changes that are subtle.  But wherever you choose to invest your time and budget, it’s important to focus on the things modern shoppers are looking for and provide the best solutions for them.

Efficiency, accuracy, and superior product knowledge are priorities for today’s busy consumers.  To ensure your dealership delivers, focus on energizing your team and offering the best training and hands-on learning opportunities, effectively preparing everyone to offer professional input and reliable insights.

Let your customers know you’re not just a place for oil changes and tire rotations, but rather a place where your entire staff works to build relationships, offer reliable advice, and present the best individualized solutions.

There are a few things you can do right now to let customers know you mean business when it comes to offering the best service drive experience around:

Let your customers know that every professional in your dealership is looking out for them.  By turning your service team into customer-relationship professionals, you’ll ensure they’re building relationships that will bring shoppers back for continued maintenance, service, and future vehicle purchases.  Everyone on your team can help build shopper trust, so look to your knowledgeable service drive pros to help you lead with innovation and grow your dealership.

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