Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee What’s Cooler: The Comedian or the Car? (Vote!)

Comedians vs. Cars

You’ve probably seen or heard about Jerry Seinfeld’s internet talk show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

The title of the show says it all: Seinfeld picks up his celebrity comedian friends in a cool car that’s likely garaged most of the time, and they go get a cup of coffee and talk family, friends, work, and other things that comedians poke fun at.

If you haven’t seen it, your chances of doing so have greatly increased now that it’s on Netflix. (And just in time – Dave Chappelle is on this season!)

We think the show is pretty darn cool. But we want to know … next to Jerry, who’s the real star of the show – the car or the comedian?

Vote below, and check the results!

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