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Modern Dealership – Letter From the Editor

We’re happy you’re here. And since you’re here, chances are, you’re a lot like us and you just want to read something relevant to your business and get a few helpful insights and tips along the way. That’s why we created this publication. It’s for every professional in the automotive industry who’s been searching for helpful information, it’s for every dealer principal who just wants to know what’s working for everyone else, and it’s for those of you who know things are changing and want to stay up to date with the trends, tools, and technology that will help you grow as a modern dealership.

When our team set out to create Modern Dealership, we had a vision of including all the things we love in one, easy-to-access publication. Sure, there are plenty of magazines out there, but we had our sights set on creating the ultimate resource for industry professionals—and that’s what you’ll find in every issue. We’ve created a digital magazine that includes up-to-date insights, real-life stories about the changing marketplace, and proactive solutions to help you build better relationships with today’s savvy, fast-paced consumers.

You’ll find content from real, in-the-trenches industry professionals like yourself, and you’ll get an inside view of their challenges and their successes. Learn how they’re utilizing the latest technology to reach more customers, build better relationships, and unify their teams. Some dealerships may be stuck in the good ol’ days, but not you. And not us. Together, we’re creating even better days. Together, we’re working to build thriving modern dealerships!

Welcome to Modern Dealership, a magazine written by dealers for dealers. Welcome to your magazine.