Millennials Have Spoken: Authenticity Wins

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Millennials have spoken, and they are looking for businesses that know them and recognize their needs within a changing marketplace.  They’re not buying into marketing that speaks to them or even through them; instead, they are on the lookout for businesses that can relate to them and form relationships with them throughout their buying journeys.  In fact, businesses that are not extending themselves and making efforts to connect with millennials in a meaningful way run the risk of rankling a generation with a lot of buying power.

We all know the marketplace is changing, and businesses have come to a fork in the road.  Right now, dealerships everywhere have the opportunity to go down the path they’ve always taken, or they can venture into new territory and look at innovative ways of doing business and meeting the needs of today’s increasingly digital and mobile consumers.  Successful dealerships are finding the more they reach out and interact with shoppers before they step onto the car lot, the better their chances are of impacting sales.

Today’s shoppers are hungry for connections.
They want to build relationships with the businesses they choose, and businesses that are willing to engage with them in return will benefit the most.

There has been a monumental shift in, not only the way people are buying, but also in who’s buying.  Millennials are a generation full of digitally-savvy consumers who know what they want—and in addition, they’ll call the bluff of businesses who appear inauthentic, unwilling to connect, or that waste their time.  In essence, today’s young shoppers are looking for a trifecta of perks, and this presents an exciting opportunity for your dealership to shine because you’re able to offer exactly what they are seeking in the marketplace:

  1. Ways to save time.
  2. Ways to save money.
  3. Ways to connect authentically.

Authenticity Wins
Your dealership is in the perfect position to offer the things millennial shoppers are looking for.  You have the tools, technology, and professionals on hand to provide time- and money-saving options for customers, and that’s an important step.  For younger generations, however, perhaps the most essential element you can offer is authenticity in their transactions.

When you are able to offer insightful interactions and engagement, you’ll gain the trust and business of younger shoppers.  Millennial consumers are especially in tune with online opinions, feedback, and research, and they are accustomed to picking out authentic brands and products from a seemingly endless mix of online offerings.  By building your dealership’s online presence and interacting with consumers on various online platforms, you’ll gain a reputation for being a business that’s interested in what shoppers are talking about, engaged in their conversations, and willing to help answer their questions.

Because of their online presence, millennials hold quite a bit of sway over shopper opinions.  They are influencers, loyal brand advocates, and even content generators—and this means you’ll want to gain their favor and get them to speak up for you online as well.  By offering meaningful insights and helpful industry information, in addition to sharing how your dealership stands out in the community and works to help others, you’ll go a long way toward motivating millennial consumers.

Forget About Selling
Just for a minute.  Every dealership knows there’s a bottom line, however, today’s consumers want relationships with you, and when you’re building your online presence and reputation, you’ll need to steer clear of pushing sales.  You’ll get your best, most loyal customers when you focus on engaging and interacting.  Every business can sell and push ads, but you’ll stand out from the crowd by offering consumers something they can’t get elsewhere—genuine connections, thought leadership, and a breadth of knowledge that will ultimately guide them to your showroom floor.

Millennials are a powerful economic force, and they’re bringing a lot to the table for the automotive market.  By 2017, their spending power is expected to exceed $200 billion per year, and that’s only going to increase as they mature in their careers.  A generation with significant influence, as well as a tendency to stay loyal to the brands that have earned their trust, millennials are quickly moving toward their prime spending years and deserve the attention of businesses seeking growth.  By boosting your online presence and focusing on building relationships with millennial consumers, your dealership will form powerful connections that will lead to a healthier bottom line.

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