Off The Lot – NADA Edition

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What are you most looking forward to at the NADA Show?


“I think it will be seeing how companies are connecting all of their tools across the dealership, finally breaking down internal silos.

When a customer can be tracked from department to department and their history is easier to access, then we can begin to really create a truly exceptional customer experience.

NADA focuses a lot on tools but in the end if it is not connected to the experience for the customer then it is just the newest shiny widget.”

– Glenn Pasch, CEO, PCG Companies



“I enjoy learning as much as I enjoy teaching. I always get so excited to see what workshops will be available at NADA. Once they are announced I plan my days carefully to ensure I can get to as many of them as possible. It’s super fun and energizing to be surrounded by so many experts in the industry.”

– Denise Scattergood, President, Alert Trainers



“I’m looking forward to the Jonathan Dawson and Oksana presentations. Also to networking with industry colleagues, as well as meeting with the Cardone team.”

– Shaka Dyson, Founder, Dealer F&I University



“NADA! My earliest exciting memories were going with my dad (a Chevy Dealer Sales Manager) to see the new model year cars hidden in a secret barn before the BIG REVEAL at the dealership the next day. Lines of people in our small town of McMinnville, Oregon, used to wait for that glorious day. Hot dogs and new cars! My brothers and I felt special to get that exclusive viewing every year, so I have been obsessed with cars ever since.

People who can operate a successful car dealership are my heroes because I know exactly how hard it is to make money selling new cars, used cars, service, and parts. I’m eager to learn what the superstars are doing at NADA so I can pass along that wisdom to my other clients. I am also an EXPO freak so I’ll be that 6-year-old kid again when I see all that is new in automotive!”

– Ross Shafer, Emmy Award-Winning Comedian, Network TV Host, and Best-Selling Author (+ NADA Show 2020 Distinguished Speaker: Catch him on Monday, Feb. 17, at 1 p.m.)

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