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What has been your favorite day at work?

“One of my favorite days at work occurred when I had been working on a large marketing project for our ‘Why Buy’ statements and it finally came to completion and was live on our websites and other marketing materials. I felt so fulfilled and accomplished, being able to share all the reasons our community members should choose KAR Auto!”

– Amy Boehm, Marketing Manager, KAR Auto Group

“There are many days that stand out, however just recently something happened while I wasn’t at the dealership that impacted me greatly. You see, I spend much of my time training our employees and many times it’s hard to know if you really had an impact on them at all. I was down in Houston at our new locations and I received a random text from a past employee from our Lee’s Summit store that read:

I was thinking about you today. I want to say thanks again for everything you taught me. 

Thanks for pushing me to the extreme even though I was a pain to work with sometimes. From making me memorize scripts, to picking on me to truly learn from you was the best. I have everything I want in life because of you. You always wanted me to have a farm with a lot of room for my dog to run. Well … I don’t have a farm, but it’s just as good. I have room for my dogs, a lake to relax my head at, and a great husband. Whenever you’re ever back in town I’d love to have dinner with you. Thanks again 💙 Also I hope your wife is doing amazing along with your million kids. Your love for them really came through your heart. I want to be a great parent like you are one day. I appreciate you so much. I wouldn’t be half of what I am without all the time you put into me.

Now I know that the fire and determination of this young lady’s success was 100% fueled by her, but it was awesome to have helped in her journey.”

– Bryan Armstrong, Executive e-Commerce Director, VW Southtowne, VW Lee’s Summit, VW Cypress, VW Clear Lake



“Monday, after a week of selling we get to rewind our business plan, celebrate our success, and fix the misses!”

– Brian Huth, General Manager, Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford

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