Service Innovation: Your Customers Will Notice the Difference

How Do I Innovate Service?

Service is intertwined with every aspect of your dealership, whether it be online, on the showroom floor, in the service drive, through email, or on the phone. It’s important to innovate service as new improvements and changes continue to present themselves.

Customer service comes into play whenever you’re interacting with consumers online or in person, and that means every point of contact matters. With new ways of gaining data and constant changes to social media, interacting in updated and unique ways is a must to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Here are a few ways you can innovate service throughout your dealership:

Alert customers when it’s time for an upgrade. At some point, car shoppers who’ve purchased through you (and even those who haven’t) will be eligible for an upgrade. Be the first to let them know, point out the pros to upgrading, and be available to help every step of the way.

Alert customers when they’re eligible for a better payment option. When customers are able to lower their payments, make sure to tell them. Let them know you’re looking out for them and have their backs when new options are available. Offer them comparisons and explain how lowering payments can benefit them.

Offer customers deals on services and products. When shoppers buy from you, let them know there are perks that continue after their initial purchases. Offer free car washes, maintenance, oil changes, and more to keep them scheduling and coming to your dealership often. When your dealership remains front of mind, they’ll come to you when it’s time for another big purchase.

Remind customers of upcoming appointments. When customers are scheduling appointments through your dealership, offer an option to send reminders. Send a short email, text, or social media message to gently remind them you’ll be waiting to see them when they arrive. 

Gather info on the customers you know are heading your way. When a sales representative’s spoken with a car shopper, or a customer’s set up an appointment through an online form or by phone, make sure to do your homework beforehand. Know what vehicle the customer currently has, upgrades that may be available, and be prepared to present him or her with information that’s helpful or of interest. Know who your customers are before they arrive and greet them like part of the family.


When your customers interact with you—online, on the showroom floor, or in the service drive—provide them with the best customer service experiences possible. When customers realize you know who they are, you’re looking out for them, and that you know what you’re talking about, they’ll feel comfortable inquiring, referring friends and acquaintances, and continuing to come back for their future purchases, services, and information.

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