Single Platform Technology: An Instantaneous, Continuous Connection with Your Customers

single platform technology

In today’s connected world, meeting customers early on in their car-buying journey, and staying with them throughout, is critical. Luckily, technology makes it easier than ever before.

The first place you’ll want to meet up with customers usually is online. Last year, car shoppers spent an average of 13 hours online researching vehicles, pricing, etc. They also turn to social media for opinions from family and friends. By the time they come to you, they’re pretty much ready to buy.

That is, if they ever make it to your store. With the average car buyer visiting two or fewer dealerships before buying, compared to five just a few years ago, it’s even more vital that you connect with customers as soon as they begin their journey. Better yet, you can even help them begin and end their journey – in success – faster.

Making and Keeping a Connection

We’d all be hard-pressed to find a single dealership without a website or a Facebook page. Having a strong online presence has become the industry standard for connecting with customers.

But standard isn’t good enough. Tools like AutoAlert’s CXM (Customer Experience Management) platform provide even more chances for online connections, such as thorough monitoring and relaying to you things like shopping behavior and engagement with your dealership. It then turns real-time customer data into insights that tell you exactly what your customers want and how to communicate the best deals to them.

Having a data analysis tool gives you a jump on the competition, as data-backed offers give today’s consumers the personalization they demand. Who doesn’t like to find what they’re looking for faster?

It’s Easy with a Single Platform

While the internet is a huge powerhouse for both consumers and businesses, brick-and-mortar cannot be ignored on the automotive customer journey, because that’s where just about every sale is still happening. This is why a single platform that pushes data and deals to your sales and service teams instantly is so important. When the customer is ready to buy after receiving your personalized offers, you want your team to be ready to provide the best experience they’ll ever have.

Let’s take a look at the possibilities that follow when using a single platform solution.

Not only will you know your customers’ online behavior, but you can drive their buying behavior because you know more about what they want, and what’s a good opportunity for them, right now.

This happens through:

• Knowing shopping behavior and demographics
• Applying “car position” data and analytics
• Matching their new payment to their current payment
• Reaching them in multiple, proven ways with personalized deals
• Communicating consistently, whether via mail, social media, email, p-URL – even when they pull into the service drive or walk through the sales door
• Keeping everyone on your team on the same page with every customer

It Comes Down to Consistency …

Customers today are more informed, and more demanding, than ever. They expect an outstanding experience every time they make a purchase – and that extends to car sales.

Having a single platform that collects and analyzes data, handles your marketing, provides sales and service lane solutions, and keeps your team on the same page with every single customer, goes a long way in ensuring the best possible experience for every buyer.

Presenting your customers with deals that match their specific needs and wants, whether while in the service lane or via mail, email, or social media, gives them a shortcut to buying. The number of steps involved are reduced, saving time for consumers and giving you a jump on the competition.

And because your team is connected with every customer and every deal, once the decision to buy is made, the sale continues more smoothly and quickly than ever before.

The customer journey for the car buyer may be changing, but with the right tools, you can be with them like never before, every step of the way.

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