Supercharge the Consumer Experience with Interactive Content

Consumers are in a hurry—more now than ever—and they’re seeking out media formats that can keep up with their busy lifestyles.  We’re all consumers, and as our lives get busier, everyone is on the lookout for technology that offers ways to stay connected with the brands we love while we’re on the move.  To take things even further, marketers know that as we get busier, our attention spans are getting shorter.  At the same time, the marketplace continues to grow more crowded with products and buying options.  Industry innovators know that keeping up with modern consumers is a continually changing process, and in order to keep up, it’s important to offer brand content that fits seamlessly into consumers’ lifestyles.  Interactive content fits the bill because it offers consumers a way to engage with the brands they love and experience more of an emotional connection as they grow their awareness of brands in the marketplace.

Traditional marketing has been leaning toward interactive content for a while, and now that consumers are becoming more engaged and involved with brands that are implementing it, marketers are taking notice.  It’s no longer enough to put words and pictures on the screen; today’s shoppers want more, and savvy brand marketers are giving it to them.  Brands everywhere are finding ways to involve shoppers with their products, pulling them in and getting them interested in what they can offer by showing, not just telling.

Car dealerships know there is a lot of competition in the marketplace, and they have to continuously be on top of new and innovative ways of reaching consumers.  In addition to competing against other dealerships, however, there’s something even bigger at play: They are competing for consumers’ time.  That’s a precious commodity, and in order to edge out the competition, marketing has to be on track and ready to deliver what shoppers are looking for.

Why Interactive Content Works

You’re probably not surprised to learn your customers aren’t sitting in front of their screens waiting for you to sell to them.  In fact, they don’t want to be sold to.  However, if you engage them with interactive content and give them a reason to connect with your brand, your messages will gain a lot more traction and resonate with more consumers.  That’s why interactive content works.  Shoppers are able to see an immediate benefit to interacting and engaging with your brand.  There is a payoff that makes it worth their time, energy, and interest to stick around and see what you have to offer.

No matter what businesses may be selling, the marketplace is too crowded to expect shoppers to give you their time if there’s no return on their investment.  By providing valuable content, you’re inviting consumers to see what your brand has to offer them, both now and in the long term.

Interactive Content for Your Dealership

There are several ways your dealership can up its game when it comes to interactive content.  If you’re already focused on your online presence and working to provide great content, you can gain traction and catch more consumer attention by giving the following a try:

  • Add a calculator. Calculators are fairly common on many sites now, and for dealerships, they can be a very useful tool.  Consider adding a calculator, especially when you post content about financing, interest rates, or even your biggest sales events.  Invite customers to calculate their savings in real-time to encourage visits to your dealership.
  • Host a social contest. Consider a Facebook or Twitter contest to inspire your followers to engage with you online.  For example, create a ‘Best Summer Road Trip Pic’ contest with clearly defined rules regarding prizes and how to win.  You’ll get plenty of engagement, and you’re likely to earn new followers.
  • Post an online survey. It’s quick and easy to create surveys on your social platforms, and you’ll be sure to get shoppers involved if you stick to topics that interest them.  Make them fun or serious, but keep them relevant, and shoppers will engage with you and share their opinions.
  • Create a quiz. Share your knowledge and get customers involved by creating a quick quiz for your social networks.  It doesn’t have to be hard, and it can just be a question or two to pique interest.  For example, ask ‘How often should you rotate the tires on your vehicle?’  Then give several options to choose from before revealing the answer.  This is a great way to get online followers involved, as well as share your industry expertise and bring shoppers to your dealership.
  • Use interactive infographics. Consider sites like Prezi to help you as you share content that includes animation, scroll-over information, and video.  Remember, consumers love visuals, and when they are able to interact with the data you present, you’ll keep them engaged and interested in what your dealership has to offer.

However you decide to deliver interactive content, it’s important to remember that even more than words and images, you’ll be delivering a consumer experience.  Today’s shoppers are searching for an overall experience in the marketplace, and dealerships that are able to deliver on that will succeed.  By offering content that engages your consumers and invites them to participate in your brand message, you will earn the consumer trust and loyalty that will make your dealership stand out above the rest.

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