Modern consumers are immersed in a world where technology advances daily. Everything is instant and answers are available at consumers’ fingertips with the click of a button. There’s no question that technology — more specifically vehicle technology and innovation — is moving quickly.

Here are some tips to help you keep up with consumers and show your dealership is keeping pace with the latest marketplace technology:

Get on board with mobile. Studies show the majority of consumers are now using mobile devices to search and shop. In order to keep up with modern consumers, not only is it important you maintain a presence online and across mobile, but it’s also important you offer information on mobile advancements and connection options for your vehicles. Consumers want to know about features like CarPlay and Android Auto, so be sure to stay up to date and be able to offer information about the latest options when they become available.

Anticipate the future of automotive. Autonomous cars and cars that park themselves are here and will only grow in popularity. Toyota released 5,680 patents related to fuel cell technology. The future of automotive is bright and full of exciting advancements. If your dealership is able to anticipate and prepare for some of the changes to come, it puts you way ahead of the game and helps you keep up with the always-changing, fast-paced automotive tech industry.

Face showrooming head on. More than 63% of car shoppers partake in showrooming (searching for other vehicles and comparing prices) while on your auto lot. Turn the tables by offering mobile devices for consumers to look up information and get more detailed feedback and specifics about your own products. Offering up your own screens keeps consumers tuned to your channels, and helps ensure the best information is being provided./p>

Offer the latest vehicle updates and innovations. Vehicle innovations are groundbreaking. Automotive consumers often strive to have the latest and greatest updates in their vehicles, from the smallest details to top-of-the-line tech. Share information on innovations with your consumers, be accepting of technology changes, and get employees and customers excited about the future./p>

Car technology can’t afford to stand still. Make it a point to keep up and show consumers you’re innovating and providing the latest and greatest, too.