Take Care of Yourself During Dealership Downtime

dealership downtime

So, you have some downtime at the dealership.

You’re taking your lunch break, no up’s are coming in, and you have exhausted your call list and Facebook updates of inventory. Meanwhile, you still need to hang around in case that “be back” returns. And let’s face it, working as a salesperson at a dealership means putting in some brutally long hours.

Instead of wasting time on your private social media or on a Netflix binge, take care of some personal business that you don’t have time for after your long shift. And don’t blow your days off running errands when you can be relaxing or having fun with friends and family.

Following are a few things you can actually accomplish while at work, making your life easier and freeing up your down time.

Order Groceries, Meals Online

Not many people want to hit the grocery store after a long shift. This newer online phenomenon is virtually available through almost every major supermarket chain now. Some services, like Instacart, will deliver to your residence, or the dealership, at a predetermined time window. Or you can order, and have them waiting for you at the store for a quick errand on the way home, through Walmart and other chains. Not wanting to cook? Websites, such as Freshly and Prepper, offer ready-to-heat meals that can be regularly delivered.

Get Clothing Easily Delivered

Another time-consuming shopping experience is finding the right clothing that will impress your customers. Nowadays there are several businesses that can take care of that for you online. Amazon offers Amazon Prime Wardrobe. One can order garments online, and if they don’t fit, or aren’t the right style, they can just be sent back, instead of having to return to a retail store several times. Firms such as Stitch Fix can stylize entire wardrobes for customers and also have them sent wherever you like. If your dealership is still part of a suit culture, companies like Harry Suits sell customized garments with a two-to-three-week turnaround.

…And Have It Laundered on the Go

Laundry takes a LOT of time. But most cities have firms that will pick up and deliver your laundry. All kinds of services, including bedding and dry cleaning are provided, and will be folded and returned, usually within 48 hours. There are plenty of local companies doing this, but one that serves several cities nationally is simply called Laundry Care.

Mobile Hair Styling

This might be a service that many don’t know about. Several cities have mobile barbers and hairstylists that will come to you. If the drop-in mega chains aren’t your style, Shortcut.com, and other services, offer on-demand barbers that will come to your place of work and give a more upscale cut. It’s a lot more convenient than trying to get an appointment with some barbers or stylists who often have busy schedules. There are also several mobile outfits for women that include coloring and other specialty services.

Don’t Stress Over Your Pets

We all know about the longtime tradition of dog walkers, but there are plenty of other mobile services offered that can look after pets while you’re gone for long periods of time. Mobile groomers can come to your residence at night, and there are plenty of obedience-and-potty training services for those with puppies that need care while you’re away at the dealership. The major pet-store chains offer evening classes, if you’re up for it after work.

Fixing (Your) Rooftop

If you’re a homeowner, and something has gone awry at the residence, it’s not always easy to find the right contractor to come out and fix the issue. Now plenty of services (HomeAdvisor.com gets the most air time) consolidate the prices of services in one spot online, instead of searching around and having to weigh a bunch of different quotes in your area after making multiple contacts. That doesn’t mean you might not have to show up for a scheduled appointment, but these services will help save time finding the right provider.

Keeping Your Lawn Mean and Green

If you don’t have a kid in the neighborhood willing to take care of your lawn while at work, there are plenty of professional services that can handle these tasks. Mowing companies are available to come by when you’re at the dealership. The same goes with fertilization outfits, as well as gardening, watering and sprinkler maintenance, much of which can be done without your supervision.

Your shifts at the dealership are long, and though they can be packed with back-to-back tasks, there is definitely some opportunity to get things done so that you can spend your free time enjoying what you work so hard for. Take advantage of it!

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