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It’s hard for a car salesperson not to have a certain degree of angst.

Ups will stroll into dealerships and act as if they’re just browsing, are put off by the social stigma attached to your profession and generally don’t even want to be under the rooftop in the first place. This is compounded by the fact that they are making a major financial decision, which makes for some pretty cynical customers.

But successful salespeople are enthusiastic teachers who provide a major service to a consumer. These dealership stars are putting money in their own pockets, and have customers leaving the experience feeling good.

That’s one of the main messages in Jason Forrest’s “40 Day Sales Dare for Auto Sales,” a book released last year.

As stated in the title, Forrest’s effort is indeed a challenge. He makes the reader work hard throughout its 240-plus pages to help them achieve success.

Forrest, who has written several business-motivational books, poses a dare a salesperson must take on for 40 days straight, even if they don’t happen to be working. He maps out five days, when one is on the clock at a dealership, and the two days off, to reflect how you can take steps to meet goals, both professionally and personally.

Each day the reader is presented with a challenge and asked to assess how they tackled it, by writing out answers to four questions about how they performed. After that, the reader is asked to rate, on a scale of one to eight, how better they would perform in sales endeavors if a dare was regularly put into place and also the degree of effort put toward the challenge.

The dares themselves have curious, and often entertaining titles, such as: “Gambling is Prohibited on the Premises,” “K.I.S.S: Keep it Short and Simple,” and “Let’s Go for a Ride.”

They are filled with a lot of strong advice and reinforcement, empowering the salesperson with ways to tap into their abilities.

Here are some of Forrest’s words of insight, as well as dares:

“Your biggest competitor is the conversation your customer will have about you and your product once they leave.”

“If you’ve been in the business long enough, you already know that the sheer art of picking up the phone increases your sales. Even though it’s tempting to feel like you’ve done all you can after you give your prospect the best possible presentation, follow-up calls are crucial to your success.”

“[Salespeople] bring up stressful topics like credit scores, minimum down payments and insurance prices before they even hand over a key for a test drive. Give your prospect a chance to fall in love with the heated seats and fuel efficiency before you say it’s more money than they want to spend.”

There are a lot of helpful snippets such as these to help motivate the reader and get them through some of the dares, which could be hard to swallow for those who aren’t yet at the top of their automotive-sales game.

But that’s probably a good reason to read the book, right?

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