The Personality Makes the Brand

Khaled and other media personalities have given marketers in any business a near-perfect blueprint for branding themselves through a defined social presence. They show off aspects of their lives they know fans would want to see, they give exclusive insights to their followers, and they will even tell their social followers where they’re going to be at a certain time so that those lucky enough can get there early for a glimpse of their idol.

The ultimate goal that many of these media personalities have achieved through the use of social media is to become influencers, which is what makes the fans come back for more. Let’s break this down to show how the same way of thinking can work for your dealership and your fans (or customers!).

A personality makes the brand, and some of the biggest names out there have capitalized on that philosophy. KFC isn’t complete without Colonel Sanders, McDonald’s connects with kids worldwide through Ronald McDonald, and Flo has been a mainstay on Progressive commercials for over a decade now.

These companies have effectively created an influencer for their brand, or someone who speaks to consumers on a personal level that makes us forget we are being sold something.

While it may seem like you need to leverage a big brand name to create an effective influencer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can create one at your dealership.

The personality makes the consumer comfortable with the product.

Your audience wants to see who is going to be selling them their next vehicle. Outlandish examples like Colonel Sanders might not work for you, but when you have a familiar face such as the GM of your dealership or your head technician always speaking to the customer, they become the de facto face of your brand.

The amount of content that social consumers take in daily is staggering, and videos featuring your influencer not only are easy to consume, but give you an easy medium to get out the information needed to have your fans asking for more.

Here are three starting places to help identify, develop, and maintain a consistent influencer using video to develop your brand and attract and obtain loyal customers:

1. The General Manager

The General Manager is the orchestrator of the whole show. They are the thought leader of the business, which is why they can be the thought leader of your content. The General Manager influences the staff, and similarly, they can influence the consumers. Have your GM go Instagram Live to talk about the features consumers are looking for in vehicles, and use your GM to do walk-arounds once a week of different models.

2. The Veteran Employee

The veteran employee is always a great match to be a brand influencer. They’ve seen the company grow, they have passion for the brand, and they’re probably a face that many consumers already recognize. Not only do they know the products, but they also have a rapport with the other employees, which will help everyone involved be more comfortable on camera. Your veteran employee is the perfect choice to do segments like “What’s new at the dealership?” or “Meet the team at the dealership!”

3. Your Marketing Guru

Have an in-house marketing team? Chances are someone on that team is skilled with being on camera and also knows and understands the techniques used to attract views from consumers. They’ll also be able to assist with the editing and understand time constraints on video content. If you don’t have a person on staff skilled in this area, now is the time to consider offering training and other support, as video is exploding.

It’s a great time to start exploring the opportunities that lie in finding an influencer (or two!) for your dealership. Getting your consumers comfortable seeing someone from your dealership on camera now will lead to long-term customers and long-term success.

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