Want to Sell Cars on a Tuesday? Be Proactive!

Can you think of a worse day to sell cars than on a Tuesday? It’s unlikely.

However, you can sell cars on a Tuesday if you make the best use of your time.

At Modern Dealership, we have determined three ways you can move vehicles off the lot. Or at least get the process in motion when the up bus maybe isn’t coming.

Own Those Ups!

No matter what someone says, if they are on a car lot on a Tuesday afternoon it’s a given that they are there to buy a car. If a prospective buyer tells you they are just “there for information” or “only browsing” they’re lying.

It is likely that your future customer already knows which make and model of vehicle he or she wants. And what they’re willing to pay for it. Your duty as a salesperson? Find out the customer’s limits and get a deal in place. With your T.O. on hand – Boom – you’re ready to close a deal.

And while the person on the lot is “just browsing” find out everything you can about the car in which they pulled up to the lot. Be prepared to give them a solid trade-in offer. The average car consumer is armed with information and will likely only hit two dealerships before making a purchase. Ensure that it’s done under your rooftop.

Work the Phones

You might be bored, and that can lead to a lot of temptation. But instead of messing around on Facebook, or losing dollars you could be making selling cars, on Amazon Prime, set up appointments. Have a plan of attack ready in advance so you don’t get sucked into a laissez-faire mood.

This can be made simple by using AutoAlert’s AlertMiner. Through the platform, you are able to find potential customers who can trade key for key, and have warranties and leases that might soon expire, or some leases that are close to their mileage limits. Shoot for the customer to make a trade in and aim at selling that used vehicle on your lot to put money in your pocket.

If you can offer a new trade-in for the same or lesser payment, in most cases, the customer is going to bite. Why wouldn’t they? The time you spend calling leads on a Tuesday could make for a fruitful Saturday, and it’s well known that the success rate of selling on a scheduled appointment is extremely high.

On the other hand, why not try to make a setup on a Tuesday? What consumer really wants to hit a lot on a Saturday, when it’s most crowded? Taking a personal day from work to spend thousands on a vehicle isn’t an outrageous possibility.

Engage the Service Drive

It’s vital that the sales team works in consortium with the service department. While there might not be many people looking at cars on a Tuesday, there are still bound to be several service appointments. After all, people don’t typically decide when their vehicle needs urgent service. It could be on a Tuesday.

A product like AlertMiner can flag your team when a customer arrives with a vehicle that has potential trade-in value in the service drive. Engage this potential prospect because that’s the time to get them into a new car!

Tuesdays don’t need to be a boring struggle. Take advantage of your slow days to make your busy days more productive. If you take these steps, you will sell more cars. Turning your slowest day into an average day will have a huge impact on your bottom line come the end of the month.

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