What has been your favorite car you’ve owned?

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“My first car ever was a 1969 Camaro willed to me by my grandfather. I drove it four times ever and gave it back to my grandmother because I knew I’d die in that vehicle if I kept driving it. It was too much for me. But that may have been my favorite. (A close second was the loaded Toyota Sienna minivan I had when my first child was born. Minivans are lifesavers when having kids because you can’t just go to your relatives to visit for an afternoon, no. You need to pack the pack and play, then the BIG pack and play in case they sleep, the highchair in case they eat, the carrier, and all the other pieces of furniture to keep that kid occupied for the four-hour stay. So my minivan was a godsend.)”
—Joe Webb, President & Founder, DealerKnows Consulting

“I love the car I have now. My last four vehicles have been Buicks. The latest is a Turbo. It’s way more fun! As a person who very particularly only likes black or silver cars, I am unnaturally in love with my Black Cherry Regal. The interior is black and tan, and it’s my absolute favorite interior combination. I’ve had it for just over a year.”
—Cathy Nesbit, Social Media Director, Harry Robinson Buick GMC

“This question is easy for any car person! I had a 1970 Chevelle SS with a 454 engine and a ‘Rock Crusher’ 4-speed transmission. It was black with white racing stripes. I loved that car. I took my dad for a ride when I first got it to show it off. He was the first passenger I had in the car. When I shifted from second to third gear, his seat wasn’t bolted in and he fell into the backseat. That was the last ride he ever took with me. I loved that car, until a small VW Rabbit hit me going through a red light and totaled it.”
—Bob Swartz, CEO/VP, Fenton Family Dealerships

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