Which March Madness Car Commercial Are You Rooting For?

March Madness

Like nearly every year, March Madness has been full of surprises and great games. With the event comes a series of car commercials, and more are sure to pop up as the games continue through the Final Four this weekend.

Everyone has their choices, or favorites, to win the tournament. Here are a few commercials that we’ve noticed getting a lot of airplay so far. What is your favorite?

Buick is making an especially big marketing push through the duration of the tournament this year. This particular spot focuses on how some of its cars have Wi-Fi capabilities. It’s a light commercial, and kind of funny. Check it out to see who is blogging these days.

Honda more directly makes a basketball reference here, showing one of those halftime contests that gives a fan the chance to win an enticing prize if they make a tough shot. The only unfortunate thing is the team chosen as an example in the commercial is UCLA, which didn’t make the tournament.

Infiniti goes a different route with its series, focusing on the fight against cancer. They briefly show athletes who have bravely fought the disease and survived. The automakers’s campaign is in partnership with the American Cancer Society’s Coaches Versus Cancer efforts.

This Acura commercial making the rounds all over ESPN.com’s NCAA page doesn’t noticeably have anything to do with basketball. However, its graphics and video of the TLX model performing at high speeds is accompanied by rapper Kid Ink, who is a big basketball fan. It kind of sounds like music that would be played over an arena’s loudspeakers during a timeout.

This one isn’t a car commercial at all, but this campaign shows Sir Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee together in a car, taking a road trip to San Antonio to hit the Final Four. What could be better than that, especially when Sir Charles gets the Alamo confused with ice cream!

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